Guide to Making WOW Money

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It¡¯s no lie, everyone in World of Warcraft (WoW) needs money. The only problem is how difficult is to gain. Truthfully though, money isn¡¯t very hard to come by and you don¡¯t even need to rely on the secondary market (gold farmers) to get the items you need or want.

Getting money in WoW can be as simple as slaying turtles over and over or taking up a tradeskill. It can be as complex as buying items low then selling high. It all depends on how much time or effort you need to put forward. What getting money in WoW doesn¡¯t involve is buying it.

It¡¯s not a secret anymore that buying gold is extremely bad for you and the in-game economy. You may think that it¡¯s an innocent act, but in reality you run the risk of losing your account. Blizzard monitors gold farmer¡¯s accounts and watches the mail they send. They don¡¯t give mercy to anyone involved in the secondary market, even the players who purchase the gold. It's right in the ToS that they do not allow selling of gold and with reason! It hurts the market and drives prices up on items making some things way more expensive then they should be.

So read on to find out how you can put some extra money in your pocket with very little extra effort involved or involving yourself with those nasty gold farmers.

General Practices

Smart Purchases, Smart Savings

Before level sixty you should always try to have enough money to buy equipment upgrades along with skills. Everything past that should be saved for later levels (don¡¯t splurge on unnecessary things). At level sixty things get a little different as there is a wealth of really cool items on the Auction House, but their prices have been inflated by gold sellers. I¡¯m going to say this now: it¡¯s a bad purchase to buy any purple item off of the auction house.

You can get almost as good items from running various dungeons (check our instance encyclopedia) which take only a few hours of your time and produce several items a run. Therefore you really only need cash for an epic mount, repairs, and consumables. Dire Maul takes roughly an hour and a half per wing while Scholomance and Stratholme take about two hours. UBRS provides a wealth of loot as well and takes a variable amount of time.

If you aren¡¯t level sixty and want some good battleground items, don¡¯t worry! You can run instances you¡¯ve already completed to get loot drops. You may not get the quest XP/gold but you¡¯ll get the elite enemy XP and plenty of additional blue items.

With that in mind, the best idea to make money is just not spend it! You should only spend money on things you need badly, like repairs and skills.

Before Level Sixty

Before level sixty you are really limited in your ability to farm copper, silver, or gold (depending on your level). You¡¯ve got about two general options. One is to do every possible quest for the quest rewards or go out and grind away on humanoid enemies. Humanoid enemies provide cloth that will sell well on the auction house no matter what (check our grinding section further down). Generally though, not spending too much in the Auction House will allow you to keep enough cash around to buy what you need (skills, equipment, reagents, and repair costs).

To get your mount you should probably invest in at least one gathering skill. Sell everything you don¡¯t need in your inventory on the auction house and try to gather/sell as much stuff from level twenty onwards. A hundred gold isn¡¯t a problem if you keep to buying skills and avoid buying items that give little to no stat bonuses.

At Level Sixty

At level sixty you should be conscious of the efficiency in what you are doing. Watch how much you are taking in and compare it to other methods. Always go with the most guaranteed way of success unless you want to take the risk. Save up your cash and as stated before NEVER BUY PURPLE ITEMS OFF OF THE AUCTION HOUSE! You can always get items that are almost as good as Bind on Equip purple items through pre-Molten Core instances. These items are also generally sold by gold farmers and very few of them are better or as good as Molten Core items. They are just not very smart purchases!


Be sure to pick up this U.I. mod. It¡¯ll let you easily get rid of most of your inventory with little effort. A few clicks and items are up for sale at a very good price. While I wouldn¡¯t use it for high profile/expensive items, but I would use it for crafting materials and any white quality drops. You'll see it mentioned a lot in this guide, since it makes the process of gaining money incredibly easy!

Making Money


Grinding away gold works by grinding (the act of constantly killing or doing something over and over) enemies that drop a decent amount of gold and/or loot. This process is generally very time consuming and somewhat boring, but provides a steady income. This is probably the only way you¡¯ll make money before level sixty outside of doing low level crafting and gathering.

When grinding for cash you should always aim for humanoid enemies. Humanoid enemies always drop cloth which can be sold for very good cash on the auction house. They also drop coin and other sellable loot. Not only that, but most humanoid enemies are very weak and easy for all classes to take down (unless they have special abilities). Outside of humanoids, look for things like turtles that have very good grey sell loot.


This is one of the best ways to make money. Gathering raw materials for crafting requires very little effort and provides plenty of cash. It¡¯s the preferred method of gaining cash for most everyone. The best way to gather is generally having two gathering skills that compliment each other, like Skinning and Herbalism or Mining and Skinning. If you don¡¯t know, Skinning doesn¡¯t require the mini-map find ability which makes it a good combo for both Blacksmithing and Herbalism.

Skinning: Skinning provides leather off of ¡°skinnable¡± enemy (generally animals like bears and boars). It¡¯s a great ability that allows you to get extra cash out of any skinnable enemy. It¡¯s highly recommended for anyone leveling up. Here is a little skinning secret! Whenever the Darkmoon Faire comes around, the prices of leather on the auction house skyrocket (as leather is one of the easier paths to increase Darkmoon reputation).

Herbalism: Herbs sell for a lot (well the higher level herbs do along with the lower level Swifthistle). It¡¯s a great gathering skill and provides the comfort of gaining extra cash as you travel the land.

Mining: Mining is a skill that lets you mine for metals then smelt the ore. This skill is perfect for those who don¡¯t mind going out of their way for good bit of extra cash. Metal has a good history of selling well, although the prices seem to differ server to server.

Be sure to grab Auctioneer and mass sell all of your items. It'll make it easier. For herbalism and mining, pick up Gatherer to mark where locations of common items are.

Pure Crafting

Crafting is the choice of those looking to make money out of some extra work. Honestly, the only tradeskill that provides a lot extra income is Alchemy. Blacksmithing, Talioring (to some extent) and Leatherworking have little demand outside of special events (like the Darkmoon Faire). Potions are always in demand and even the common recipes provide a good income through potions (Swiftness Potions sell sometimes for over a gold each!). Rare recipes from Leatherworking/Blacksmithing can also provide an excellent source of income, but require more work and patience in finding the materials at a decent price.


You can make some decent cash on a regular basis by selling transmutes (both Arcanite and Mooncloth). You can generally pull in 3-4 gold each time you do a transmutation (depending on the server). That adds up over time and the amount of work required is little. It¡¯s also one of the reasons why Alchemy produces some of the best extra income through crafting.

Some of the special transmutes, such as Undeath to Air can provide a wealth of extra income (depending on the market), but generally the recipes cost way to much to every hope to make the money back. Water to Air though can pull in some good cash, but that really depends on the market on your server.


All forms of powders and shards are always selling for a lot on the auction house. Disenchanting items generally (not always) pull in twice the income you would have gotten from just selling the item. Not only that, but you can disenchant old gear and regain the cost of it (or near it). Disenchanting is best coupled with a gathering skill or Talioring. Best of all you do not need any skill in Enchanting to disenchant things.

The Auction House

The AH (Auction House) is like a mini-stock market. Buy low and sell high is the theme here. I don¡¯t suggest going by the Auctioneer mod only, as it can often have ¡°corrupted¡± data (people raising prices on items just to get auctioneer to show a normal price as deal). Use a variety of methods and start with a good bit of cash. If you are smart and do well you can produce a ton of cash by buying and relisting items. However, most of the time you will loose out of on cash as people will not pay too much for items and you have to relist at a lower price.

Outside of that, put up everything in your inventory. Grab Auctioneer and use it to mass put your ¡°junk¡± on the AH. It¡¯ll all pull in some good additional income.

Things to Avoid

Do not scam other players. You can debate the ethics of it all you want, but Blizzard will intervene in any out and out scams. It¡¯s better to have your account then not have your account!

Do not get scammed or buy unnecessary stuff. Compare prices and only buy items you really need. Look for quests that provide armor and weapons instead of buying them off the auction house. Avoid consumables like Swiftness Potions unless you are out PvPing.