Wrath Classic New Recruit

New Recruit

StartVereth the Cunning
World questNo
Experience22050 XP
(this quest may give money at max level)
Reputation+325 Knights of the Ebon Blade
PreviousVereth the Cunning
NextThe Vile Hold

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Vereth the Cunning on the Rise of Suffering has requested that you bring a subdued Lithe Stalker to the top of the rocks northeast of the Rise of Suffering.

  •  Subdued Lithe Stalker Returned

Provided Item:

  •  [Sigil of the Ebon Blade]


First things first. I saw some Lithe Stalkers on the ramparts just east of us. They used to serve us before we broke with Arthas, and they're about as perfect a scout as you can get... with a little prodding from an eye of dominion.

Fly up, find one of the stalkers, beat it down a bit, and then use this Sigil of the Ebon Blade to command its obedience. It will recognize the sigil, guaranteed. Lead it back to the top of the rocks northeast of here and it will find it's way to me.


I'm sure their masters don't go easy on them, but there's no way these things would forget the lessons we lashed into their skins. They'll fear those sigils for as long as they crawl this land.


I've chained the wretch to the post over there and I'll look into getting my hands on more of them.

Now let's make some use of that eye.


The Lithe Stalker geist can be found on the rampart above and to the east of Vereth's position. After weakening one and using the sigil to subdue it, run north towards the hill

[55.3, 70.3]

at the same level as the rampart.

Quest progression

  1.  [80] Parting Gifts
    •  [80] From Whence They Came
    •  [80] An Undead's Best Friend
    •  [80] Honor is for the Weak
    •  [80] Seeds of Chaos
    •  [80] Amidst the Confusion
  2.  [80] Vereth the Cunning
  3.  [80] New Recruit
  4.  [80] The Vile Hold
    •  [80] Generosity Abounds
    •  [80] Matchmaker
    •  [80] Stunning View
    •  [80G5] The Rider of the Unholy
    •  [80G5] The Rider of Frost
    •  [80G5] The Rider of Blood
  5.  [80G5] The Fate of Bloodbane