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Nostalrius Details

Nostalrius was a private World of Warcraft server created in 2015. The server featured a version of the game called "Vanilla", or, one of the first versions of the game (patch 1.12). The server host received a Cease and Desist letter from Blizzard Entertainment, and so the server was shut down by the Nostalrius team on April 10, 2016, leading to unprecedented outcry on Facebook and Twitter and large-scale coverage in mainstream computing journalism.

It was one of the most successful private servers to date, with over 800,000 accounts registered and 150,000 active accounts. Since the conclusion of Nostalrius servers, a discussion about the possibility of Blizzard opening "Legacy" servers has begun.

Discussion of legacy servers

One of the biggest discussions on legacy servers came out of the entire Nostalrius issue. A petition on change.org has received over 200,000 signatures pleading Blizzard to hear the voices. Many famous Youtubers have made videos on this very topic discussing the pros and cons of Legacy servers, and it managed to get the attention of one of the original designers of World of Warcraft, Mark Kern, who supports the idea of Legacy servers. Blizzard Entertainment was silent on the issue until April 25, where the lead game developer responded to the discussion.

Blizzard's response

On April 25, 2016, A Blizzard employee responded to the Nostalrius discussion. He spoke of the possibility of "Pristine" realms, with many of the new features turned off, to make leveling harder, and social interaction more prevalent in the game.

On November 3, 2017, Blizzard announced World of Warcraft: Classic, an official "vanilla server", in response to the popularity of Nostalrius and other similar private servers.

Further developments and the return of Nostalrius

After a month or so of large scale protests, Blizzard invited the Nostalrius team to the Blizzard HQ to present the case for Vanilla. An eighty-pages "post-mortem" document describing the development of Nostalrius, the problems that happened and some marketing strategies was presented to Blizzard, and after some time, released on the Nostalrius forums. In the following six months, Blizzard did not respond at all to any communication from the Nostalrius team Allen Brack and the World of Warcraft development team announced they would not be making any statements about Vanilla the 2016 BlizzCon convention. Consequently, the Nostalrius team released their source code to Valkyrie-WoW, another long-standing private Vanilla WoW server, hosted in Russia, and the Nostalrius servers returned on December 17, 2016 under the name of Elysium Project, with the player database as it had been just before the shutdown in April. In October 2017, the Elysium servers were taken offline when it had been revealed that some staff had been involved in gold selling and character manipulation, which went against the 'Blizzlike' philosophy the team purportedly stood for. The servers returned a few days later, with the project rebranded as Light's Hope.

WoW Classic and ties to Nostalrius

In an interview published on November 4, 2017 by Eurogamer, J. Allen Brack said and they would welcome the involvement of Daemon and Viper, the leads of the Nostalrius project.

Nostalrius Gold Guide

What do I need to start dominating the Auction House?
    I would recommend 10g capital.

Guide Lines:
    First things first, your going to need a set amount of capital that you want to spend on dominating the auction house. Just keep in mind the more gold you have, the more gold you will make.
    You are always the cheapest on the market. If something is 10s, you undercut for 9s. But make sure your not setting yourself up for failure. For example if you undercut to 1s, you won't have anything left to make a profit off of if the item costs 5s for you to obtain.
    Do not sell for cheaper than you bought for. This will result in you losing money.
    Get yourself some friends. Try to associate yourself with suppliers, or even farmers. Buy cheap from them so you can resell. For example; I have a friend that farms me items, I sell them, and we split the profit.
    Do not dig into your reserved capital to make money. Only use that set amount we talked about earlier. If you couldn't make a profit off of the 10g, maybe flipping isn't for you.
    If you want to monopolize an items market, you have to buy out the first page/insanely cheap items/all items (if there are only a few) the first page is where people look the most this might be a bit of a gamble but it can also result in major profit. Continue to relist those items at your undercut price.

    You can easily control the market and set your own prices, resulting in profit.
    You will be able to buy and sell more as your finance grows.


    Stay organized (Example of a spreadsheet to keep track of profits) 

    Stay competitive. Don't let others take advantage of you.
    Keep a well stocked inventory so you can post as soon as your undercut. Example of my inventory after restocking random greens I can sell to levelers or set the price in a market.

how to make fast gold in vanilla wow
1. AoE Grinding | Class: Mage | Level Req: 54+ | Average Gold Per Hour - 40-50g | Dire Maul East - Mage leveling / gold farming (Vanilla WoW) - YouTube

2. Boss Grinding | Class:Hunter | Level Req: 60 | Average Gold per Hour 65+ | Nostalrius Dire Maul North tribute run solo 9:35 - YouTube

3. Auction House | Class:Any | Level Req:Any | Vanilla WoW Addon Guide - Aux Guide (Auction House Addon) - YouTube

4. AoE Grinding | Class:Mage | Level Req: 55+ | Average Gold Per Hour 40-45g | Nostalrius PvP: How to farm BRD LIKE A BOSS - YouTube

5. Professions:

5.1 - Herbalism - Most Profitable Profession in Vanilla if you work hard. Get Herbalism, Level it up to 300.

Dreamfoil - Requires 270 Herbalism. Where to farm: Azshara,Felwood, Winterspring,Silithus... | Feenix Vanilla WoW item database

Stack Price - 22g+ 

Gromsblood - Requires 240 Herbalism. Where to farm : Felwood,Blasted Lands,Winterspring... | http://www.wow-one.com/database/index.php?object=142145

Stack Price - 35g+ 

Mountain Silversage - Requires 280 Herbalism. Where to farm : Ungoro,Azshara,Silithus,WPL... | http://www.wow-one.com/database/index.php?object=176586

Stack Price - 25g+ 

Ghost Mushroom - Requires 245 Herbalism. Where to Farm: The Hinterlands,Desolace. | http://www.wow-one.com/database/index.php?object=176586

Stack Price - 20g+ 

Black Lotus - Requires 300 Herbalism. Where to Farm: can spawn anywhere 54+ Level zone.

Stack Price 1600g+

5.2 Fishing - you can get amazing profit from fishing too if u skill it to 300. 

ATTENTION: if you're playing horde, u can get best fishing pole from The Hinterlands 1st Quest. 

Stonescale Eel - Farming Zone: STV,Feralas,Tanaris... | http://www.wow-one.com/database/index.php?object=180712

Stack Price - 25g+

Firefin Snapper - Farming Zone: Wetlands, Arathi Highlands, Stonetalon Mountains | http://www.wow-one.com/database/index.php?object=180657 

Stack Price - 12g+

Blackmouth - Farming Zone: Darkshore,Loch'Modan, The Barrens... | http://www.wow-one.com/database/index.php?object=180582 

Stack Price 7g+


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Thanks for Reading.
vanilla wow low level gold farming

Keep mining, ore and bars sell quite well. I don't know if engineering has any legacy patterns that are no longer available though. People mog their weapons too (like the guns engineering can make), and while most vanity pets and mounts don't sell all that well anymore (since buy them once and they're account wide now) if you can make any that come from plans that are no longer obtainable, those should sell well (like thousand gold or more each).

So look up the guns, pets, and mount recipes you have on wowhead, see if they have a "no longer obtainable" label or if the comments indicate that they're not in the game anymore.

I would suggest taking on two gathering professions...and one should be mining because it's often the most lucrative. Make sure to track mining nodes and plants on your mini map. Mining and herbalism are good. Also, put everything on the AH especially materials such as cloth. It can be disheartening when you reach 60 because a good chunk of the gold you made will be spent on flying. But because you will have flying, you can farm and sell more efficiently.

Oh and keep transmog in mind. As you level, a lot of pieces can drop that have high transmog values. Compare prices on the AH.

As far as low level engineering pets go:

Mechanical squirrels tend to sell for more than the cost to make them. Not a huge profit center, but always some profit at least. 15-50g is typical.

Mechanical Toads seemed to have had the recipe drop rate reduced and it was always low. If you can make them, they can sell for 1000g but lower hundreds seems to be more typical.

The Mechanical Yeti recipe is no longer available. The pet vendors for 500-1000g on most servers I play on. As large as a gnome or goblin, they look good running with those two races.

Engineering in general is a gold sink however. People do it for the toys, guns, or PvP stuff... not for the gold.

Look in the AH for cooking recipes under skill level 100 or so. If you see someone selling several of the same recipe that usually means it's a vendor item. They are charging several gold for stuff that cost them a few silver. Look the recipe up on wowhead and beat them at their own game. I usually sell recipes to start the bankroll of a new toon on a new server. I do better with horde but there's an alliance bear meat recipe in Loch modern that usually sells for 4-10g and costs around 30-40s. Sell a couple of those a day and you'll be getting new bags in no time at all. People like to have all the recipes and frankly, spending 5g on a recipe is cheaper than spending the time to go get it for most 90's.
Don't be the guy that lists 12 of the same recipe. That just screams Vendor.

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