From the Shadows -- Path of Exile

PoE From the Shadows

From the Shadows is a notable passive skill of Path of Exile. Notable passive skills grants notable improvements to the character. Note that anointing a Notable passive will not let you allocate a Mastery passive.

Name Icon Stats Anoint Recipe
From the Shadows daggerpenetration
  • 12% increased Attack Speed with Daggers
  • 40% increased Elusive Effect
  • (Elusive initially grants 15% chance to Avoid All Damage from Hits
  • and 30% increased Movement Speed. The buff reduces its effect over time
  • removing itself at 0% effect. If you already have an Elusive buff
  • you cannot gain Elusive)
  • (Rune Daggers are considered Daggers)
  • Clear Oil
  • Azure Oil
  • Crimson Oil

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