Obsidian Warders – WoW Dragonflight

The Obsidian Warders is a weyrn charged with defending the allies of the black dragonflight and protecting its strongholds. Whether it is deployed to reinforce draconic legions or guard the skies alongside dragons, this weyrn is the embodiment of the Earth-Warder’s aegis. Currently under the authority of the Scalecommander Azurathel, the Warders trained to be the bulwark that enemy forces will break upon. After Raszageth’s attack, this weyrn was forced to evacuate the Forbidden Reach with the help of Wrathion, Ebyssian, and Nozdormu, heading to Stormwind to warn the other races of Azeroth.

The Obsidian Warders
Main leader Azurathel
Race(s) Dracthyr
Base of operations Stormwind
Affiliation Alliance, Black dragonflight


  • Scalecommander Azurathel
  • Dervishian

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