Outland WoW Level Zone

Level Zone

Outland currently consists of seven large zones that connect to each other but differ sharply in environment.

  • Hellfire Peninsula (10 – 30)
  • Zangarmarsh (10 – 30)
  • Terokkar Forest (15 – 30)
  • Nagrand (15 – 30)
  • Blade’s Edge Mountains (20 – 30)
  • Netherstorm (20 – 30)
  • Shadowmoon Valley (25 – 30)

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Hellfire Peninsula

Hellfire Peninsula is intended to be the first questing zone players hit after passing through The Dark Portal, designed for level 58-80 characters. It is a scorched zone, the site of many former battles and the massacre of the Draenei. Players are introduced early on to the threat of the Burning Legion at The Legion Front, further learning about Magtheridon’s creation of the corrupted Fel Orcs and the sacrifices made in past battles on Draenor. Players also begin to learn about Draenic and Orcish culture in quest hubs in the western peninsula.

Hellfire Peninsula ranges from levels 10-30.


Nagrand is a peaceful lush zone in Outland with grassy areas and floating islands in the sky. It is home to the Kurenai and Mag’har factions. The Horde especially have an interesting time because the final questchain covers Thrall and his true identity. Other sidequests involve slaughtering more animals for Hemet Nesingwary and learning about demon hunters and fel dangers.

Nagrand ranges from levels 15-30.


Zangarmarsh is a leveling zone intended to be completed after Hellfire Peninsula. It is a surreal swamp, with neon giant mushrooms and hostile naga. The Cenarion Circle is investigating why wildlife has been dying, discovering that Lady Vashj is draining Coilfang Reservoir for her nefarious purposes. Players can also gain reputation with Sporeggar, a group of sporelings at war with ogres. Alliance players also further learn about “lost ones”–Draenei heavily corrupted by shadow magic–and begin gaining reputation with the Kurenai.

Zangarmarsh ranges from levels 10-30.

Terokkar Forest

Terokkar Forest is a zone in central Outland that is home to Shattrath City, as well as quest hubs for level 62-80 players. The northern half of Terokkar is lush and the quests cover the threat of the Arakoaa and magic-addicted elves. The souther half is a wasteland known as the Bone Wastes, created when the Shadow Council blew up Auchindoun. There is also a daily quest hub, Skettis, for players with flying mounts–rewards include vanity items.

Terokkar Forest ranges from levels 15-30.

Shadowmoon Valley

Shadowmoon Valley is a fel-infused zone intended for level 67-80 players in southeastern Outland. Illidan Stormrage resides there in the Black Temple, as well as Maiev Shadowsong, held captive there by the Broken. There are several elite areas that document the destruction of the Burning Legion, as well as Illidan’s methods of training demon hunters.

Shadowmoon Valley ranges from levels 25-30.


Netherstorm is the northern-most zone in Outland. It is covered in magical currents, giving it an unnatural sci-fi look–except in the protected Eco-Domes, which are lush green. Goblins and Ethereals have made outposts here, as well as the Burning Legion and Kael’thas’ blood elves, with numerous Mana Forges across the region. This region has numerous quests that grant Aldor or Scryer reputation.

Netherstorm ranges from levels 25-30.

Blade’s Edge Mountains

Blade’s Edge is a level 65-80 questing zone in Outland, filled with splintered mountain peaks, plunging lush valleys, and dusty canyons. Players learn about the presence of the Burning Legion through a mysterious Fel Mask, as well as how Blade’s Edge was the original home of the Ogres. Ogri’la is a faction of friendly ogres that players with flying mounts can gain reputation with.

Blade’s Edge Mountains ranges from levels 20-30.

The North Sea

Level 10-30
Requires The Burning Crusade
Type: Zone
Territory: Horde

The Veiled Sea

Level 10-30
Requires The Burning Crusade
Type: Zone
Territory: Alliance

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