World of Warcraft Paladin Mounts

possessed of a noble spirit and deceptive intelligence uncommon among its kind, the warhorse is a regal charger that only the most inspiring of paladins can call to service. Once it pledges its service to a worthy master, the warhorse holds to its responsibility as a loyal mount and steadfast companion with a devotion that cannot be found in its lesser cousins. The paladins warhorse is more than a steed; it is a tireless cohort for its valorous master, carrying the paladin across Azeroth on a ceaseless crusade to vanquish evil wherever it may lurk.

Available to: Paladins
Training Locations: Paladin Trainers

Level 30 Warhorse

Level Requirement: Level 30
Speed Increase: 60% speed increase

Paladin Warhorse

Blood Knight Warhorse

Level 60 Charger

Level Requirement: Level 60
Speed Increase: 100% speed increase

Paladin Charger

Blood Knight Charger