Paladin/Warlock Arena Matchups Guide by Darkalpha

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This match is similar to Druid/Lock, but your warrior isn¡¯t getting CC¡¯ed nearly as much, but the paladin can Bop and justice you. This match is easier than than Druid/Lock, but still can be a bit of a struggle if the paladin is in tier 6.
The fight will be very long, but it will be easier to kill the pet than druid/lock because the paladin needs to stand still to cast and can be LOS¡¯ed much easier. Also, the lack of roots or cyclone means your warrior will be on the lock constantly, but freedom means the warlock can move freely as well.

The Fight will start with the lock having a Felhunter out, sometimes warlocks will attempt to get behind the pillar and summon a VW right off the bat, if you see him doing it you need to charge right in there and stop it.
Kill the felhunter first, it¡¯s your first target. Stack sunders on it, and just go to town. Most warlocks will attempt to follow you around to drain you. Stay behind pillars to avoid the los for a drain. If he gives up and goes after the warrior, stay behind the pillar, and cyclone the warlock when you have to come out to heal the warrior
(If the warlock is nuking your warrior as his main priority, your hots can heal through it. Remember to stay at max range and keep a CLOSE eye on the warlock, if he starts coming towards you, you need to run and stay at range, because he¡¯s going to try to get a drain off. When he turns back at the warrior, you can then run back and keep hotting.)

Once the felhunter is down, he will pull out a voidwalker(just like druid/lock). (if he doesn¡¯t and pulls out a Fel hunter, Stack the sunders and kill it again, and you win) Going for the Voidwalker Straight up is a bad idea, you need to get it to 60%ish via soul link damage, then go for a kill on it. Los the Lock, popping in and out for hots, and eventually the VW will get low. When it gets to 60% ish, have your warrior intercept the pet, and pop Death Wish+trinket. You then pop out of LOS, and start CCing the paladin. You will get mana drained, but if the pet dies, you¡¯ll win. With 3x cyclone+feral charge, you can usually kill the pet. If you use feral charge, start heading for a pillar once you use it so you can LOS the paladin to keep him from healing the pet. If the pet still isn¡¯t dead by the end of the cyclone/feral charge, you should be near a pillar so you can pillar kite against the paladin to prevent him from healing the pet. (If the warlock hasn¡¯t called it back by now). Once the pet dies, you basically win. If the pet doesn¡¯t die and gets healed, simply try again later when Soul Link damage gets the pet low again.

-The Warlock may try to resummon their pet via 1/2 cast Focus proc for a 3 second summon. When he goes all sparkly, it means he got one. Keep him cycloned while he has the proc active.
-Taunt works on warlock pets. Your warrior can taunt the pet, and the pet will stay on the warrior until the warlock manually resends it back on you. This can buy you a lot of time that you can drink. (NE's can shadowmeld, in which case he wont be able to target you at all, and you can drink nearly to full.)
-Sometimes they may Hammer you/Stun you, and Bop the Warlock so he can resummon. This sucks. Do your best to save your trinket for when gets bop¡¯ed, because your warrior CAN¡¯T fear him when he¡¯s bop¡¯ed. Use NS-cyclone on the warlock if you have to. (Usually I save it for this in the end-game, because NS is on the same cooldown as BoP)
- Like Druid/Lock,Some good Warlocks will start with a voidwalker at the start. If he does, then like always you need to kill it twice. Sunder lock and pull pet out of Los like always, just this time you need to do it twice.