Path of Exile: Empower Your Gems with Gemcutter’s Prisms

In Path of Exile (POE), powerful gems fuel your character’s abilities. But what if you could push them even further? Enter the Gemcutter’s Prism (GCP), a PoE Currency item that unlocks your gems’ hidden potential.

Unleashing Gem Potential:

  • Quality Boost: Each GCP grants a gem a 1% quality increase, progressively enhancing its power. Higher quality gems can unleash stronger effects, reduced mana costs, and more.

Strategic Use:

While GCPs offer a straightforward quality boost, here are some clever ways to use them:

  • Leveling Support Gems: Don’t have a ton of GCPs? Level up a support gem in your off-hand weapon set. Then, vendor that level 20 gem with a GCP to get a level 1 version with a maxed-out 20% quality – a cost-effective alternative for essential support gems.

Acquiring Gemcutter’s Prisms:

These valuable prisms can be obtained through various means:

  • Exploration Rewards: Keep your eyes peeled! GCPs can drop from slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers throughout your POE journey.
  • Vendor Recipes: Sell high-quality gems (20% quality or vendor multiple gems for a total of 40% or more quality) to acquire GCPs.
  • Alternative Methods: Explore crafting recipes like "The Emperor’s Luck" or divination card sets like "The Void" for a chance to earn GCPs.

The Takeaway:

Gemcutter’s Prisms are a cornerstone for optimizing your gems in Path of Exile. By strategically utilizing GCPs, you can unlock the true power of your gems and unleash devastating attacks or bolster your defensive capabilities. So, gather these valuable prisms and witness the true potential of your gem arsenal!

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