PoE Humility

Tabula Rasa Divination Card: Humility

Humility is a divination card. A set of nine can be exchanged for Tabula Rasa.

  • 9x Humility = 1x Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa has 6 linked white sockets, but provides no defence values, even no base values of a Simple Robe.

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PoE Humility

Farming Humility Drop Location — How to get it

Humility can be dropped in the following areas:

The Aqueduct • The Blood Aqueduct • Channel Map • Waterways Map

The Aqueduct

The Aqueduct is the first area of Act 4. It contains a waypoint and is connected to the Upper Sceptre of God and Highgate, though you can not travel back to the Upper Sceptre of God.

Humility drop rate

17 humility in around 10 hours farming blood aqueducts, possibly good rng for me this league.

Blood Aqueduct Humility farming as usually all-over the place. RNG being RNG, you can go days only finding a single card, or could get 5 in an hour.

Humility farming in general has been nerfed in roundabout ways: last league you would also find “The Channel” map drops while farming the Blood Aqueducts, so you could occasionally go to the Atlas version of the stage to farm the card with better droprates. This league, “The Channel” isn’t Tier 1 any more so it can’t drop in Blood Aqueduct.

In Synthesis, Blood Aqueduct is the first area in which Betrayal encounters can spawn, making the prospect of farming the stage for many hours much less smooth-sailing.

All in all I’m so glad I got my Tabula Rasa last month, but it was painfully slow even then. I wouldn’t want to even contemplate doing it during Synthesis.

I’d recommend you running channel instead, unless you’re HC, in which case I’m sorry I wasted your time making this comment unnecessarily long.