Wrath Classic Post-partum Aggression

Post-partum Aggression

StartDorian Drakestalker
World questNo
CategorySholazar Basin
Experience26750 XP
(this quest may give money at max level)
Rewards[Dragon Slayer's Shortbow], [Hemet's Trophy Gun], [Dorian's Prybar], [Nesingwary Brush Burner], [Cloak of the Deadliest Game], or[Polished Protodrake Cloak]
PreviousA Mammoth Undertaking

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Kill Broodmother Slivina and return to Dorian Drakestalker at Dorian's Outpost.

  • Broodmother Slivina slain


Broodmother Slivina's likely to be a snarling ball of teeth, spikes, and talons. You've gone and stolen her children away and no mother takes kindly to that.

'Tis true they hatched from eggs, but she loves the little beasts no less than your mother loves you.

She'll be desperate and fierce in equal measures, everything Hemet loves in a target. You and he, along with that mammoth, should be a match for her.

She's on her perch at the northern edge of the Savage Thicket and hungers for revenge.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
[Dragon Slayer's Shortbow] [Hemet's Trophy Gun]
[Dorian's Prybar] [Nesingwary Brush Burner]
[Cloak of the Deadliest Game] [Polished Protodrake Cloak]

You will also receive 13 and the achievement The Snows of Northrend.


Well, you're alive. How did you fare?


Well, I had a whole speech prepared, but the old man himself has some words he wants to say to you.


Hemet Nesingwary himself along with his now-pet mammoth Stampy will accompany you on the hunt. Start by marking the Broodmother as it will aggro her. Hemet will start putting out traps for you to lure the Broodmother into and cause heavy damage. The mammoth will be hard to handle, but it's easy when you have the hang of it.

The trophy of the hunt.

After you turn in the quest, Hemet Nesingwary will tell Dorian about the hunt.

Hemet Nesingwary says: What a fight you missed, Dorian! It was one for the ages!
Hemet Nesingwary says: There we were, riding into battle at full speed on the back of Stampy...
Hemet Nesingwary says: Everything was shaking all over the place. I could hardly steady my gun.
Hemet Nesingwary says: And then we saw her, the fearsome beast!
Hemet Nesingwary says: It took all of <name>'s skill to maintain control of Stampy.
Hemet Nesingwary says: The battle was a haze of blood, lead, and sweat. The broodmother's attacks came faster and faster!
Hemet Nesingwary says: But, in the end, <name> and I prevailed through our wits and teamwork. And now we have this glorious trophy as a memento of our victory.
Hemet Nesingwary says: Do I detect a bit of jealousy, Dorian?
Dorian Drakestalker says: Well, I don't know. I was here tending the fire and discussing the drawbacks of cogs with Zootfizzle. That's pretty epic, too, in its own way.

Quest progression

  1.  [77] In Search of Bigger Game
  2. Complete both to continue:
    •  [77] Securing the Bait
    •  [77] Sharpening Your Talons
  3.  [77] A Mammoth Undertaking
  4.  [77] Post-partum Aggression

Side quests:

  •  [77] My Pet Roc
  •  [77] Reagent Agent
  •  [77] Burning to Help