Wrath Classic Power of the Great Ones

Power of the Great Ones

StartOracle Soo-dow
EndLightningcaller Soo-met
Requires Level 77
World questNo
CategorySholazar Basin
Experience27000 XP
(this quest may give money at max level)
Reputation+700 The Oracles
Rewards13 60 or 16 20 at 80.

Power of the Great Ones is a daily quest given by The Oracles.

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Charge the Dormant Polished Crystal at the exposed Lifeblood Pillar. Travel to Sparktouched Haven and use the power the crystal bestows to slaughter 30 of the nearby Frenzyheart wolvar, and then speak to Lightningcaller Soo-met in Sparktouched Haven.

  • Dormant Polished Crystal (provided)
  •  [Energized Polished Crystal]
  •  Frenzyheart Attacker slain (30)


We need you to do something to stop puppy-men attacking Sparktouched Haven. Jaloot brought me very special crystal that he found in River's Heart... We seen only one like it before

The crystal not have power now, but the opened up Lifeblood pillar should have energy to recharge it if you just bring it close. Once the crystal is charged, go to Sparktouched Haven in far southwest and let the crystal's energy make you big and strong.

Then it time to kick some puppy-men butt.


Good to have you here to help us. Long fight.


So much energy in you... you full of the power of the Great Ones!


You will receive: 13 60


16 20 at Level 80.


  • 27000 XP
  • 700 reputation with The Oracles


Savior of the Oracles