Priest/Hunter Arena Matchups Guide by Darkalpha

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This fight can seem tough at first, but once you get the hang of it, it¡¯s quite an easy match.
The key to this fight is bear form, and the fact that when in bear, you cannot be burned nor drained, the hunter can¡¯t do much damage to a bear or a plate-wearing warrior, and bear form can eat the freezing traps allowing your warrior to stay on the hunter nonstop.

Most people really love to go for the pet, and while it is a tempting target, it¡¯s often fruitless as most hunters can revive it in 4 seconds, and it allows the hunter to lay a beatdown on you from far away.
Your warrior can be on the hunter, and you need to support him on the target. We usually have the warrior on the hunter, while I chase after the priest to prevent drinks. Every so often, you need to feral charge the hunter, beause when he gets low/trap comes off cooldown he will try to do his scatter->freezing trap. When he does, you need to get right on top of it and eat it so that way your warrior can stay on the hunter. So every so often swich back to the hunter so you can be ready for his freezing traps. Remember, since the pet is on you, the poison will break the freezing trap immediately. If the hunter switches to a frost trap, then feral charge and hamstring is usually more than enough that you two can stay with him.
The priest will be constantly trying to drink, so do your best to stay on him in bear form while preventing the hunter¡¯s freezing traps. When the Hunter is at around full health, you should be trying to be on the priest and attacking him/keeping him in combat, and when the hunter gets low(50-60%), feral charge back to the hunter so you can try to eat the freezing trap.

Whenever you need to heal, get behind a pillar, then pop out. If the priest is close to you, your warrior can intercept him to stop him from getting to you. Hot yourself, then hot your warrior, and pop right back in to bear form.
The priest will eventually go oom quickly, because he¡¯s having to heal his hunter almost nonstop. If you want, you can switch to the priest when he gets low, because an oom priest will drop pretty fast, and it will stop him from drinking. Be careful though, if you¡¯re both on the priest it means the hunter can nuke you because you¡¯re no longer in his melee range, and now he can shoot you.

-Viper sting will not affect you while in bear form. So, if the hunter lands a sting on you, you can quickly shift to bear to stop the drain. However, the shift itself is mana intensive, so keep that in mind.
-Switching to the pet often is a good way to drain the priest¡¯s mana. Keeping up a 6-8k HP, zero resilience pet is very mana intensive, but it allows the hunter to nuke your warrior. So target switch often to keep the priest guessing and burning mana.