Priest/Warlock Arena Matchups Guide by Darkalpha

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This fight is the easiest of the three main warlock teams, but with the potential to go really bad really fast via Fear->mana burn+Mana drain.
You need to be very careful about positioning on this map when you shift out of bear form(if you're in bear). If you shift out and get feared, you can lose about 5-8k mana in about 5 seconds. So be very careful about your positioning when/if you shift to bear form.

Priests are very easy to go after and keep controlled, so unlike druid/lock and pld/lock where you attempt to kill the pets/lock, here you just go after the priest and make him go oom from taking damage. They really don¡¯t have a way to keep your warrior off the priest, so as long as you keep him alive it shouldn¡¯t take to long before you run the priest oom. The only real danger here is having your warrior get low and then you get feared/spell-locked, and the warlock/priests nuking and finishing off your warrior. So, make sure your warrior is aware of his health and is quick to put up a shield/spell reflect/intervene if he sees himself get low, and you have to be aware if the priest is dispelling your hots when you try to heal him to see whether you should rejuv/lifebloom or lifebloom spam.

The warlock will be doing one of 2 different things, either DPSing your warrior or draining you. If he is on you, just pillar hump him so he can¡¯t land the drains while your warrior beats down on the priest. Make sure to pop out and hot whenever he gets to 60-80%, cycloning the warlock when you go to heal your warrior so you have time to hot him and get back to a pillar without getting drained. Eventually the priest will go oom (usually far before you), then you can just kill them for a win.

If he is nuking your warrior, it is your job to stay as far away from the warlock as possible while healing your warrior. Stay at max range, because sometimes the warlocks will do a nuke on your warrior, then proceed to walk over to you and get a drain off because you¡¯re out in the open healing. So, keep a very, very close eye on the warlock and watch when he trys to go towards you, and run away while hotting the warrior. The warlock will be feeding your warrior rage when hes nuking, so while you¡¯re spending more mana to heal the warrior, the priest is using much more to keep himself alive. The match will be shorter, but you should still force their priest oom faster than you do, and then you get your victory.

When the shadowfiend pops, kite it around if it¡¯s on you. Tell your warrior to go shield so he doesn¡¯t take to much damage so you don¡¯t have to worry about healing him, and kite till the thing dies. Every hit it lands on you prolongs the match, so do your best.
If you fall behind, they really have no way of killing you, because sl locks do so little damage. So don¡¯t get discouraged if they get a huge mana lead on you via mana burns, because even when you¡¯re oom you can live for a long time on the mp/5 ->lifeblooms and can squeak out a win.