World of Warcraft Alchemy Guide

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Tips for Creating Potions and Turning Iron into Gold

Alchemy is one of the primary trade skills that a World of Warcraft player may take up. The alchemist can produce a variety of potions that gives the person who consumes them different benefits such as quick healing, quick mana during the course of a combat, or ways to boost a player's stats. One potion even allows the person who consumes it to use the detect undead ability.

The player who decides to become an alchemist should take up herbalism to reduce the cost of skill ups. Because Alchemy is a primary profession in the game, a player should choose the skill carefully before choosing it. A World of Warcraft player may only know 2 trade skills in the game at any time.

Beginning a World of Warcraft Alchemy Career

The first thing a player must do once he decides to pick up the alchemy skill is to find a trainer to teach him the alchemy trade skill. Herbalism trainers are often placed near alchemy trainers. Every capital city in the game has a trainer for every profession in the game, with the exception of jewel crafting.

Purchasing the initial level of training in alchemy allows the player to advance to 75 skill. At 75 skill and every 75 levels of skill increase thereafter, a player must return to a trainer to raise his skill any further.Once the herbs have been gathered and the necessary reagents have been bought from the vendor, it is time to begin creating the simpler recipes.

Raising the Alchemy Skill

It is always easiest to gain skill ups by producing items that are orange to the player that require the least amount of components until they become green and then proceed until you move up. The first things an alchemist in the World of Warcraft should make are minor healing potions and minor mana potions.

Making Money with the Alchemy Trade Skill

Not all the recipes in the World of Warcraft Alchemy trade skill sell back to vendors for a profit, so the player looking to make money off of it will need to sell his potions to other players at the auction house.

An item that an alchemist can make called the philosopher's stone lets a player with one in his inventory convert lower quality minerals into higher quality ones. This may seem to put the alchemist in high demand, but the long cool down time on the philosopher's stone greatly lessens its usefuleness. The best bet for the World of Warcraft alchemist who wishes to make money is to sell his goods to other players either through the auction channels or in the auction house.

At level 68, an alchemist can choose from one of three specializations: potions, elixirs, and transmutations.