WoW Glyph of the Blazing Trail

NameReagentsSourceSkillSkill Up
Glyph of the Blazing Trail
1 3 Classic Inscription 300 1

Glyph of the Blazing Trail

2 sec cast
Virtuoso Inking Set
 Light Parchment,  Lion's Ink × 3
Profession: Inscription (100)
Discovery: Research: Lion's Ink
Glyph of the Blazing Trail
Item Level 11
Minor Glyph
Use: Your Charge leaves a trail of fire in its wake. If you're going to Charge why not do it with some style?
Classes: Warrior
Requires Level 11
Sell Price: 1
Stacks up to 20

Reagents Breakdown

Tier 1

 Light Parchment × 1 Lion's Ink × 3

Tier 2

 Light Parchment × 1 Golden Pigment × 6

Spell Details
NameGlyph of the Blazing Trail
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategoryNone
Skill LineClassic InscriptionSkill Difficulty300
  • Generates no threat
Required Item(s)Virtuoso Inking Set
Required Reagent(s) Light Parchment,  Lion's Ink × 3
Effect #1

Create Item

Amount of created items: 1

Glyph of the Blazing Trail

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