PvP commands – WotLK Classic


    • following arena commands were removed (in 5.4)
  • teamcaptain – /teamcaptain,/tcaptain – Sets the captain of an arena team you are in.
  • teamdisband – /teamdisband,/tdisband – Disbands an arena team you are in.
  • teaminvite – /teaminvite,/tinvite – Invites a member to your arena team.
  • teamquit – /teamquit,/tquit – Leaves an arena team you are in.
  • teamremove – /teamremove,/tremove – Removes a member of a team you are in from that team.


  • wargame – /wargame,/wg – Starts a War Game.


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Wrath of the Lich King Classic