World of Warcraft Elekks

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Race: Draenei
Available to: Draenei (no reputation requirement)
Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome (requires exalted reputation with Exodar)
Purchase Location: The Exodar
Riding Skill Cost: 35g (Apprentice) / 600g (Journeyman)

Level 30 Elekks

Requirements: Level 30, Apprentice Riding Skill (75)
Speed Increase: 60% speed increase
Cost: 10g
Brown Elekk Gray Elekk Purple Elekk

Level 60 Elekks

Requirements: Level 60, Journeyman Riding Skill (150)
Speed Increase: 100% speed increase
Cost: 100g
Great Blue Elekk Great Green Elekk Great Purple Elekk