World of Warcraft Mounts Kodos

Swifter and slightly smaller than their wild cousins, kodo mounts nevertheless demonstrate the same resilience and fearlessness found in their untamed brethren, traits that serve them well when bearing their equally resolute riders.

Race: Tauren
Available to: Tauren (no reputation requirement)
Orc, Undead, Troll, Blood Elf (requires exalted reputation with Thunder Bluff)
Purchase Location: Bloodhoof Village, Mulgore
Riding Skill Cost: 35g (Apprentice) / 600g (Journeyman)

Level 30 Kodos

Requirements: Level 30, Apprentice Riding Skill (75)
Speed Increase: 60% speed increase
Cost: 10g
Brown Riding Kodo Gray Riding Kodo

Level 60 Kodos

Requirements: Level 60, Journeyman Riding Skill (150)
Speed Increase: 100% speed increase
Cost: 100g
Great Gray Kodo Great White Kodo Great Brown Kodo