Ravasaur Mount Guide – New Horde Only Raptor Mount

With the new patch 3.2 for World of Warcraft, it brought Horde players a fun little quest line which ultimately rewards you with a Venomhide Ravasaur mount! Read on to learn how to get started on your path to a new mount.

Patch 3.2 has been great so far for WoW and has really pulled me back into it more. One of the reasons is being able to get this new Ravasaur mount. I’ll try to keep this pretty short and to the point so it’ll be a great reference for everyone…with that said here we go!

First thing you need to do is actually get the first quest of the short chain from the NPC, Mor’vek in Un’Goro Crater. He’s pretty much right at the entrance to Un’Goro so not hard to find at all (you can also check out the picture below for location as well). Also, if you are a high lvl character it helps to turn on the low lvl quest tracking to find him easier.

Toxic Tolerance is the first quest he gives you. In this quest you have to get poisoned by Venomhide Ravasaurs 20 times. You can see the location of the Ravasaurs below. (”X” marks the spot of Mor’vek, and the circled area is where you will find the Ravasaurs.) Oh yeah, don’t you like my PHAT PHOTOSHOP SKILLZ! 

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Ravasaur Mount Guide

This quest can be a bit tricky for higher level players since you’ll tend to kill the Ravasaurs in about 1 or 2 hits. The absolute best way to approach this is to take all your gear off, equip your Horde Lance and then fight them. We do this so we won’t kill them super quick and give them chances to poison us. I got poisoned about 3 times per Ravasaur doing that.

Ravasaur Mount Guide

After turning in that quest, you’ll get another one from Mor’vek called Venomhide Eggs. It is super easy as well and all you have to do is head back to the Ravasaur area and pick up 4 of the eggs. They are easy to spot and I’ve included a picture below so you’ll know what you are looking for.

Ravasaur Mount Guide

Next quest: They Grow Up So Fast

This quest will be the final quest you turn in and get your mount. Don’t get too excited because in order to complete this quest you’ll have to gather…

20 Venomhide Baby Teeth
20 Runecloth
20 Rugged Leather
80 Gold

Turn those in to complete the quest. Right now you are probably wondering where in the world do you get the Venomhide Baby Teeth. You’ll get those straight from the horses, errr…Ravasaurs mouth at the slow, slow pace of 1 Baby Tooth per day. Now you have your little baby Ravasaur in your inventory, bring him out and you can accept a daily quest. There are only 3 different daily quests and, as far as I know, which one you get is at random, but they all seem pretty easy to do.

3 Possible Daily Quests:

  • Gorishi Grub – All you need for this quest is 15 Silithid Meat. The good news is it seems to be a 100% drop rate. Just head to the insect nest in Un’Goro Crater and kill the bugs, get the meat, and feed it to your baby Ravasaur. The reward is 1 Venomhide Baby Tooth.
  • Hungry, Hungry Hatchling – For this quest, you’ll need to feed your little hatchling 15 pieces of Fresh Dinosaur Meat. You’ll find plenty of dinosaurs just south of Fire Plume Ridge. The reward is once again 1 Venomhide Baby Tooth.
  • Searing Roc Feathers – For this quest, you’ll need to get…..yup, you guessed it….Searing Roc Feathers…5 in total. Head out to Tanaris and the Searing Roc birds usually are found around the giant dinosaur bones in Tanaris.

There you have it, after 20 daily quests being done you’ll have all the teeth….get the rest of the mats and head back to Mor’vek, turn them in and get your Venomhide Ravasaur Mount!

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