WoW Pattern: Windripper Boots

NameLevelSourceReq. SkillType
Pattern: Windripper Boots
30 Leatherworking Pattern
Pattern: Windripper Boots Boots
Item Level 30
Binds when picked up
Use: Teaches you how to make Windripper Boots.
Windripper Boots
Item Level 35
Binds when equipped
5 Armor
+3 Agility/Intellect
+4 Stamina
+4 Critical Strike (0.66% at L30)
Requires Level 30
Sell Price: 1 44 9

Creates (1)

Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Windripper Boots
3530FeetCrafted Leather

Teaches (1)

Windripper Boots

Fits In (6)

Name Slots Level Source Type
Burnished Leather Bag
3635Crafted Leatherworking Bag
Magnificent Hide Pack
3633Crafted Leatherworking Bag
Trapper's Traveling Pack
2832Crafted Leatherworking Bag
Bag of Many Hides
2431Crafted Leatherworking Bag
"Carriage - Meeya" Leather Bag
2020 Leatherworking Bag
Leatherworker's Satchel
2030Crafted Leatherworking Bag

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