WoW Schematic: Secret of Draenor Engineering

NameLevelSourceReq. SkillType
Schematic: Secret of Draenor Engineering
100 1Engineering Schematic
Schematic: Secret of Draenor Engineering Reagents and Research
Item Level 100
Binds when picked up
Use: Teaches you how to make a Secret of Draenor Engineering.
Requires Engineering (1)
Sell Price: 25
This item was marked as deprecated by Blizzard.
Secret of Draenor Engineering
Item Level 40
Binds when picked up
"Trade for recipes at your Garrison profession building or in Ashran."
Sell Price: 50
Stacks up to 200

Creates (1)

Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Secret of Draenor Engineering
40Crafted Parts

Teaches (1)

Secrets of Draenor Engineering

Fits In (5)

Name Slots Level Source Type
Elementium Toolbox
3633Crafted Engineering Bag
Titanium Toolbox
3231Crafted Engineering Bag
Fel Iron Toolbox
2430Crafted Engineering Bag
"Carriage - Maddy" High Tech Bag
2030 Engineering Bag
Heavy Toolbox
2030Vendor Engineering Bag

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