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The red dragonflight are dragons that have red scales and breath fire. Their fire can either destroy or bring life. They are led by Alexstrasza the Life-Binder. The titan Eonar charged Alexstrasza with protecting life. The red dragons generally wish to protect all life on Azeroth as their queen does, while battling those who wish to do the world harm. In particular, the Black dragonflight and their Twilight aberrations served as the red dragon’s foremost enemies. Despite their mission, some red dragons hold a mistrust, even animosity, towards mortals because of the events of the Second War.

Many red dragons were enslaved during the Second War by the Dragonmaw clan under Nekros Skullcrusher. Alexstrasza’s flight aided the Horde and Alliance against the Scourge during the War against the Lich King, while the mortals aided her against the insane Blue dragonflight in the Nexus War. During the events of the Cataclysm, the red dragons spearheaded the assault on the last bastion of Deathwing’s flight in the Twilight Highlands storyline.

Red dragonflight
Domain Creation, Life
Breath Fire
Major leader(s) Alexstrasza
Secondary leaders Majordomo Selistra
Formerly Korialstrasz †
Tyranastrasz †
Racial capital Vermillion Redoubt
Area(s) Borean Tundra

  • Amber Ledge
  • Transitus Shield


  • Ruby Dragonshrine
  • Wyrmrest Temple
    • Ruby Sanctum

Twilight Highlands

  • Grim Batol (formerly)
  • Obsidian Forest
  • Vermillion Redoubt
Homeworld Azeroth
Language(s) Draconic
Affiliation Wyrmrest Accord, Titans, Independent
Status Active

Red Dragonflight

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The red dragonflight includes the red dragons themselves as well as all other red dragonkin such as dragonspawn and drakonids.

  • Red dragon (mature)
    • Red wyrm
  • Red drake
  • Red whelp
  • Red dragonspawn
  • Red drakonid


The red dragonflight, ruled by the Dragonqueen, Alexstrasza, is a noble and honorable group of creatures. They consider themselves the protectors of all life, and in many ways they are. More often than not, they are found protecting sacred areas and items, seeking to keep them from lesser beings who might be hurt by their energies. Their breath is a fearsome stream of fire, and they have been known to swallow enemies whole and slowly digest them over the course of a day. Their most hated enemies are the black dragons ruled by the great, dark leviathan, Deathwing.

The red dragonflight has always concerned itself with maintaining the harmony and prosperity of life, the task entrusted to them by the Creators. They consider themselves the custodians and defenders of life on Azeroth, but they will not hesitate to kill a creature if its actions endanger other lives. Red dragons understand the secrets of life, and in turn, those of death, like none others do and have been granted great power over both. They are capable of rejuvenating and draining life, as well as performing a form of necromancy, though only as a last resort, as they are not fond of doing so. The breath of red dragons burns but also rejuvenates, and whenever a red dragon walks or breathes upon the soil, the earth is renewed. A red dragon would never hurt a soul, unless they tried to hurt them first.

The reds are utterly loyal to their Aspect, Alexstrasza, who along with her consorts such as Tyranastrasz and Korialstrasz, are treated with great respect by the reds and the other flights. They are friendly to humans, elves, and their other traditional allies, and are typically the only dragons mortals are likely to encounter, with the exception of the druidic allies of the greens. Like all dragons, they take their charges seriously and usually operate in secret, keeping tabs on important beings, organizations, and places, such as Cenarius, Dalaran, and the Scourge. As a result, the red dragonflight’s agents are often away, spread throughout Azeroth, and using their powers to disguise themselves as members of the mortal races, such as humans or elves. Often the dragons have mortals, dragonsworn, working on gathering information or doing other related errands.

Red dragonkin are sometimes referred to as Crimson, Ruby or Vermillion. When taking humanoid form, most red dragons prefer to transform into sin’dorei, though human, dwarf and quel’dorei guises are also common.

As the red flight represents the aspect of life, their blood has healing properties.


Members of the red dragonflight most often have names ending in “strasz” for males, or “strasza” for females.

Notable members

Name Type Role Status Location
Alexstrasza Aspect Aspect of the red dragonflight, Aspect of Life, queen of all dragons and leader of the Wyrmrest Accord Alive Various Locations
Tyranastrasz Dragon First prime consort of Alexstrasza, killed by Deathwing during the Second War Deceased Hall of Explorers, Ironforge (skull)
Korialstrasz Dragon Last prime consort of Alexstrasza, member of the Council of Six under the guise of Krasus, sacrificed himself to halt the efforts of the Twilight’s Hammer Deceased Various Locations
Caelestrasz Dragon Son of Alexstrasza, commander in the War of the Shifting Sands, sacrificed himself to ensure Sinestra’s defeat Deceased Various Locations
Vaelastrasz Dragon Son of Alexstrasza, captured and corrupted by Nefarian Deceased-Killable Shadow Wing Lair, Blackwing Lair
Acridostrasz Dragon Helps adventurers in the battle against Nefarian and the Blackrock orcs Alive Vermillion Redoubt, Twilight Highlands
Lord Devrestrasz Dragon Commander of Wyrmrest Temple’s defenses, led the retaking of the temple during its siege Alive Wyrmrest Temple, Dragonblight
Aurastrasza Dragon Works with adventurers to prevent an organized magnataur assault on Wyrmrest Alive Wyrmrest Temple, Dragonblight
Axtroz Drake Drake champion, lieutenant of the red dragons guarding the Dragonmaw Gates Deceased Formerly Dragonmaw Gates, Wetlands
Baleflame Dragonspawn Leader of the red dragonspawn forces in the Twilight Highlands Alive Vermillion Redoubt, Twilight Highlands
Belgaristrasz Dragon Captive of the blue dragonflight in the Oculus Alive Band of Variance, Oculus
Belnistrasz Dragon Captive of the quilboar of the Razorfen Downs, worked with adventurers to halt the Scourge’s efforts in the area after being freed Unknown Formerly Murder Pens, Razorfen Downs
Corastrasza Dragon Sister of Raelorasz, trainer of red drakes, observed the tactics of blue drakes in Coldarra and later aided in the hunt for Wrathion Alive Various Locations
Kandrostrasz Dragon Member of Alexstrasza’s brood who helped liberate Caelestrasz from Ahn’Qiraj Alive Temple of Ahn’Qiraj
Keristrasza Dragon Red dragon who helped kill Saragosa, but was later captured and forced by Malygos to become his new consort Deceased-Killable Various Locations
Koristrasza Dragon Aids adventurers in the fight against the Scourge forces in Razorfen Downs Alive Razorfen Downs
Lirastrasza Dragon Prominent red dragon who aids in the fight against the Twilight’s Hammer in the Twilight Highlands Alive Grim Batol, Twilight Highlands
Mostrasz Dragon Aided in the hunt for Wrathion but was eventually killed by him during the attack on Ravenholdt Manor Deceased Vermillion Redoubt, Twilight Highlands
Orastrasz Dragon Guardian of the Dragon Soul Deceased Redridge Mountains
Raelorasz Dragon Brother of Corastrasza, leader of the Transitus Shield outpost against the blue dragons of Coldarra Alive Transitus Shield, Borean Tundra
Rheastrasza Dragon Studied black dragon eggs in the Badlands by forcing Nyxondra to produce offspring, killed by Deathwing while protecting the unborn Wrathion Deceased Badlands
Tariolstrasz Dragon Steward of Wyrmrest Temple Alive Wyrmrest Temple, Dragonblight
Torastrasza Dragon Majordomo to the ruling council of the Wyrmrest Accord and right hand of Alexstrasza Alive Wyrmrest Temple, Dragonblight
Sanctum Guardian Xerestrasza Dragon Former guardian of the Ruby Sanctum and only survivor of the attack upon the area Alive Ruby Sanctum


  • In Warcraft II the dragon mounts used by the Horde were green, the broodmothers were grey and they were all simply dragons, as the storyline had not yet been expanded to include the dragonflights and their backstory. It was not until Day of the Dragon that they were referred to as Red dragons.
  • Their description during the Warcraft III beta was as such: “Ruled by the mighty Dragon queen, Alextrasza[sic], the Red Dragons exemplify the grace and serenity of life and nature. Though the Orcs captured the Dragon queen and raised her whelps as living weapons during the Second War, the Red Dragon flight has since regained its former power and sworn to uphold its ancient charge of defending the wild things of the world. Though noble and wise, Red Dragons are terrible enemies when their wrath is incurred. Their destructive, fiery breath is feared by all races – the Orcs in particular.”
  • Through a focused ritual that can’t be interrupted, red dragons can permanently prevent the remains of the dead from being reanimated unto undeath, such as what death knights are able to do.

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