Wrath Classic Reforging The Sword (Alliance)

Reforging The Sword (Alliance)

StartCaladis Brightspear
World questNo
Experience22050 (or 13 23 at 80) XP
(this quest may give money at max level)
Rewards7 40
PreviousReturn To Caladis Brightspear
NextTempering The Blade

For the Horde version, see Quest:Reforging The Sword (Horde).

This quest is part of the The Return of Quel'Delar quest chain Return of Quel'Delar quest chain.

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Caladis Brightspear at Quel'Delar's Rest wants you to obtain 5 Infused Saronite Bars and use the Forgemaster's Hammer to combine them with the Remnants of Quel'Delar to create the Reforged Quel'Delar.

  •  [Reforged Quel'Delar]

Provided Item:

  •  [Remnants of Quel'Delar]


We cannot allow Quel'Delar to remain broken and disgraced. Take the remnants of the sword, along with the battered hilt you discovered, and venture into the Pit of Saron within Icecrown Citadel.

In the pit, the Lich King uses slaves to mine, process, and transform saronite ore. This infused saronite is what we will use to rebuild Quel'Delar.

You must gather bars of infused saronite and capture the forgemaster's hammer, then bring them to the forgemaster's anvil and re-forge the sword.


You will receive: 7 40


Were you able to reconstruct Quel'Delar?


You have remade the blade of Quel'Delar, although Blood-Queen Lana'thel proclaimed we could not! The blade must still be tempered, but she and her master will not stand in our way.


There are plenty of [Infused Saronite Bars] on the ground in the Pit of Saron. [The Forgemaster's Hammer] drops off Forgemaster Garfrost, and his anvils are right beside him.

Patch changes

  • Patch 3.3.0 (08-Dec-2009): Added.

Quest progression

All the quests in this chain have a required level of 80 to accept.

  1. The Battered Hilt (Alliance) / (Horde)
  2. What The Dragons Know (Alliance) / (Horde)
  3. The Sunreaver Plan / The Silver Covenant's Scheme
  4. A Suitable Disguise (Alliance) / (Horde)
  5. A Meeting With The Magister / An Audience With The Arcanist
  6. Return To Caladis Brightspear / Return To Myralion Sunblaze
  7. Reforging The Sword (Alliance) / (Horde)
  8. Tempering The Blade (Alliance) / (Horde)
  9. The Halls Of Reflection (Alliance) / (Horde)
  10. Journey To The Sunwell (Alliance) / (Horde)
  11. Thalorien Dawnseeker (Alliance) / (Horde)
  12. The Purification of Quel'Delar (Alliance) / (Horde)
  13. one of:
    A Victory For The Silver Covenant (sword)
    A Victory For The Silver Covenant (mace)
    A Victory For The Sunreavers (sword)
    A Victory For The Sunreavers (sword, blood elf)
    A Victory For The Sunreavers (mace)
    A Victory For The Sunreavers (mace, blood elf)