Class Role

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1.0 Rogue

Class Role
The stealthy Rogue is an up-close damage dealer. Like the Mage, they can rip through mobs quickly and brutally using their wide range of combination moves. They are also worthy scouts, being able to sneak past monsters if they are skilled enough to see what lies beyond. And there's no one better than a Rogue at the end of a dungeon when a locked chest or door stands between you and hard-earned riches.


Stealth abilities allow the Rogue to reach places more easily than most classes

Strong lock picking abilities/access compared to other classes

Sprint ability allows the Rogue to more easily escape battle and get a free short burst of speed in traveling


More susceptible to damage than Paladins/Warriors because Rogues can only wear cloth or leather armor


Mastering Stealth Usage

Managing monster hate/aggro so that tanks can take the majority of damage when possible

Learning and using effective combos