Grinding Guide

7.3 Grinding Guide


The easiest to explain and simplest way to grind is with a combat spec like the following:

You will want to spend you talent points going up Combat to get Adrenaline Rush first and then Assassination to complete the build. The only exception I have found to this is I like to pick up Remorseless Attacks 2/2 in Assassination because it will help make that first hit on your new mob really hurt. also, since it's on a 20 sec timer it will push you to quickly move on to the next mob.

The preferred method of grinding is just spamming Sinister Strikes and Evisceravte at 5cp.

SS > SS > SS > SS > SS > Evis

Garrote > SS > SS > SS > SS > Evis

Once you get Cheap Shot you will start to use that in the combo instead.

CS > SS > SS > SS > Evis


Now if you insist on leveling with daggers there are many different factors involved in chosing a build. I am partial to the Seal Fate 30/8/13 or 31/8/12 vigor variant. My build for this will usually look like the following:

If your on a PvE server and don't plan to PvP much, I'd grab Imp. Sinister Srike 2/2, then Remorseless attacks 2/2 and then get your 13 in Sublety, then go back to combat to get Imp Gouge 3/3, Then go all the way up Assassination to get Seal Fate 5/5, and finally get Imp. Backstab 3/3.

If you are planning to PvP or on a PvP server then get all of our 8 points in Combat 1st, then go up Assassination to Seal fate and then finish out in Sublety.

Of course, play style means everything. These ideas work for me but not for everyone. Perhaps you find you want the boost in Master of Deception early on in your career...that's fine. You can always respec if you think you have painted yourself in a corner.

As for combos, you will run out of times you can Backstab so keep a sword or mace in your backpack so you can Weapon Swap if you need to spam Sinister Strike. Sinister Striking with a dagger is never a good idea. The combos might look like:

Ambush > White Damage for 2 secs > Gouge > BS > White Damage until Gouge comes up again > Gouge > BS > Evis

If you have the skills and Imp. BS you might want to use:

CS > BS > White Damage for 4 secs > Gouge > BS > KS > BS > BS > Gouge ...etc...

Where do I grind What are the best places

Below is an excellent grinding guide: view=Guides.Detail&id=66