2.1 Humans

Starting Attributes
Strength 21
Agility 23
Stamina 21
Intelligence 20
Spirit 21

Perception - active
Activate to dramatically increase stealth detection - Lasts 20 sec - 3 min cooldown

  • Perception is a reasonable ability for PvE and an amazing ability for PvP. First and foremost, it makes Human Rogues the best PvP scouts as they can move into an enemy area (like a flag room or node) and provide a more accurate assessment of the situation than anyone else. Like wise in PvE they are able to search for Stealth NPCs. The real beauty of this ability is simple, it allows you to get the opening on other Rogues and stealth Druids you know are around. A great PvP scouting utility and really gives them the one up on other Rogues.

    The Human Spirit - passive
    Increase Spirit by 5%
  • Unfortunately Spirit doesnt do a whole lot for Rogues, as it doesnt effect anything but Health Regeneration. However it really doesnt hurt, and in the long run it does cut your down time.

    Diplomacy - passive
    10% bonus to faction point gain
  • This on the other hand, is really quite amazing as it cuts down faction grinds considerably. At 60, this is one of the best things you can have for PvE. Not only for better gear but also for gaining schematics for your professions.

    Sword Specialization - passive
    Humans get +5 to Sword skill
  • If you decide to use Swords, this is really nice as it gives you a higher chance to hit than the average 60 Rogue. Also nice for leveling since you can stay on top of your Sword skill easier. This helps with everything from Auto-Attack to Cold Blood. Another way to look at it:

  • +0.2 crit
  • +0.2 hit
  • -0.2 enemy dodge
  • -0.2 enemy parry
  • -0.2 enemy block

    Mace Specialization - passive
    Humans get +5 to Mace skill
  • The same as Sword skill but uses a different weapon, definitely nice if you pick up Mace Specialization. Another way to look at it:

  • +0.2 crit
  • +0.2 hit
  • -0.2 enemy dodge
  • -0.2 enemy parry
  • -0.2 enemy block

    Summary: Human Rogues are unparalleled in the role of PvP scout, and with a bit of luck youll always get the opener against other Stealth classes. Also, Diplomacy is probably the best PvE racial for end game since it can save you a lot of time. The Sword and Mace skill are just a bonus on top of it all.