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2.6 Orcs

Starting Attributes
Strength 24
Agility 20
Stamina 23
Intelligence 17
Spirit 23

Blood Fury - active
Increases base melee attack power by 25% for 15 sec and reduces healing effects on you 50% for 25 sec. -2 min cooldown

  • Although the healing debuff can be dangerous (especially in Instances) this is an amazing ability. You have to realize that the flat Attack Power buff factors into every attack a Rogue has. Because of that, Orcs can get the highest possible damage out of each attack with this on. Save it for your Cold Blood or even Adrenaline Rush and you can bust out a lot of of DPS very fast. Just remember to be mindful of the debuff.

    Hardiness - passive
    25% resistance to stun and knockout effects.
  • This is the best anti-Rogue racial available to the Horde. Dwarves can break Blind and Poison, Humans can see through Stealth but only the mighty Orc can resist 25% of a Rogues utility. This ability is also nice against other classes like Paladin, Hunter and Warrior. Stuns and knockouts are right up there with roots and snares as the reasons Rogue dies most. Nothing worse than sitting there helpless and getting wailed on. Amazing ability, the downside is its a % proc so you have no control over it. Sometimes youll get lucky and itll save the day. Sometimes youll be up the creek without a paddle. All in all a very versatile skill for PvE and PvP.

    Command - passive
    Pet melee damage increased by 5%.
  • The only way I could see this even being applicable to your character is if it will buff Engineering pets and you happen to use them. Realistically, this does less for Rogue than an Intelligence boost.

    Axe Specialization - passive
    Orcs get +5 to Axe skill.
  • This would be right up there with the Human weapon specialization if Rogues could use Axes.

    Summary: The bigger they are the harder they fall, Orc Rogues are like locomotives, with Hardiness they are a pain to try to bring down, and with Blood Fury they hit harder than anybody. A solid race for Rogue across the board.