Rogue Races

2.0 Rogue Races

Rogue Race Guide by Lvlonealt
Version 2.0

rogue n.
1. An unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person; a scoundrel or rascal.

I've gone through and revamped the entire guide, gone are the old rating systems that brought nothing but constant bickering. I have instead gone for an approach that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each race and will hopefully let you decide which most fits your playstyle/mentality. I plan to update the Lore section, but I really havn't figured out what I want to do with it so for now it'll stand. Enjoy the guide, and just remember choose whichever race you'll have the most fun with.

There are a ton of different looks out there for Rogues, from naked to full Bloodfang there is a large amount of gear out there to support every class, race and play style. Realistically though, the Look for end game Rogues is somewhere between Shadowcraft and Death Dealers. For these reasons, people general base their opinions on how a race appeals to them aesthetically off their appearance in one of these sets. Decide for yourself: set=184&race=h&gender=m

While it shouldnt have a large impact on your decision, you should keep the size of your character in mind. Gnomes can have a rather large advantage in PvP situations since they are often less likely to be noticed, which is more or less the point of a Rogue fundamentally speaking. Its also important to note that Rogues are very often the Main Assist for Raids, and are always up front in the middle of the action. Will being a giant Orc make it more difficult for your Casters to see what is going on Probably not but will you be an easier target in Alterac Valley when you come out of Stealth You bet!

Animations & Emotes:
I personally think it is important to pick something with emotes that dont drive you crazy. As stupid as it seems, some people cant stand a character just because of how they say Not enough Energy (which happens a lot) so pick something that appeals to you and you will enjoy. Also, keep in mind you will be watching this character a lot so choose wisely I personally cant stand how Humans Sprint. Best way to find yourself though is to just go play with the different races. Lastly, all of the races have different animations for the Rogue abilities. Gnomes for example can do a full back flip when they Kick, and female Undead have a cool jump flip Eviscerate Animation. The most noticeable ones though are the Stealth Animations in my opinion which are quite different. Gnomes look like they are running at top speed where as Trolls look like a giant trying to sneak up on something. Night Elves appear to move very slow, and Undead have a cool zombie thing going on, so when you try to decide dont limit yourself to trying /Train and /Silly and deciding.