World of Warcraft Rogue Tips

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Rogues are best class at providing melee DPS in World of Warcraft. That being said, the following rogue tips will center around 2 important aspects of the class:doing as much damage as possible while avoiding aggro from the monsters that the rogue¡¯s group is fighting.

1. Slice ¡®n Dice ¨C Haste Kills Opponents Faster

The first World of Warcraft rogue tip is to use his haste abilities as much as possible. While this benefits the combat branch of the rogue talent tree most often as the abilities in that branch of the rogue talent tree are designed to improve weapon damage and the speed at which it is dealt. Striking an opponent more often helps all melee classes improve overall damage output.

2. Don¡¯t Get Aggro

The second rogue tip is to learn agro control. Rogues are capable of dealing a lot of damage fast, the leather armor they wear means they are not the best class to take a lot of damage. Just because a rogue can use abilities to do damage much of the time, does not mean he should. Add-ons such as threat meter can help the rogue determine when to use abilities such as feint to lower his agro.

3. Keep Those Daggers Sharp and Shiny

The third rogue tip is similar to the other tips given out to melee classes such as paladins and warriors. Rogues may be less dependent on armor than other classes in World of Warcraft, but in order to do the most damage possible a rogue should have the best weapons he can afford. Because rogues and mages share the top spot or being the best DPS class, a groups can help the rogue get decent gear.

Keeping armor up to date while not as important will help a rogue stay alive longer and lose the attention of a monster or give his group¡¯s tank a chance to use his taunt ability.

Adapt the Advice to Your Play Style

As with the other tip articles in Suite 101's video and online games section, a player should discard or modify any rogue tip that is not useful to a character¡¯s particular play style. Further information can be found on both the official World of Warcraft forums maintained by Blizzard and the unofficial World of Warcraft forums can be an invaluable source for a player looking for more in-depth rogue tips or guides.