Combos and Techniques

7.2 Combos and Techniques (More Needed)

Which combos you can try to use will depend on whether you have learned the skill, have the right weapon type and which talents you decided to spend talent points on. For instance, I could put a combo on here with hemorridge, cold blood or prep but it wouldnt do any good if your level 15. Im going to just throw down some combos that are not talent dependent but will require the correct weapon type and for you to be high enough in level to actually have the skill. Unless otherwise stated you should assume that you wait until the last possible moment to break gouge and blind to allow for the full energy recover possible. Also for simplicity I will also not be using thistle tea in these combos. BS can be substituted for SS anytime you have the extra energy in PvP or when the PvE Mob is still stunned. Be aware that certain resistances or having a critical move be parried, dodged or missed will require quick thinking to recover from.

1) CS > SS > Gouge > SS > KS
2) Ambush > Gouge > BS > SS > SS > Evis (any finisher)
3) Garrote > SS > SS > SS > SS > Rupt

Noob Combo: (PvE only)
Dont discount this combo, it has been very effective attacking a mob that normally is beyond you abilities, or when you health is low. The main tactic used is gouging and then running away in the opposite direction long enough for you to jump 3 times while running then turn back around and throwing/shooting at the incoming mob until he closes to melee range. It is a great tactic as you will lower there health with your ranged weapon, regain all your energy and your stuns cooldowns might be done by the time they close. This will be simplified as (Gouge+Pull). Of course, the area must be cleared of other mobs that wont like you running around all over the place.

1) CS > BS > Gouge+Pull > SS > KS > BS > Gouge+Pull > SS > Gouge+Pull > SS > KS
2) Ambush > Gouge+Pull > SS > Gouge+Pull > SS > Evis

Soloing a Boss Combo: (some bosses have special resists against stuns)

Ambush > Gouge+Pull > SS > Gouge+Pull > SS > EA > Gouge+Pull > SS > Gouge+Pull > SS > Gouge+Pull > SnD > SS > SS > SS > SS > SS > Evis