To-Hit FAQ

9.1 To-Hit FAQ

To-Hit FAQ by Slant

With a 300 weapon skill attacking a mob with a 300 defense (IE level 60) you will miss 5% of the time with your special main-hand attacks. With +5 to hit you will never, ever, ever miss your specials. You can be parried/blocked/dodged but you will NEVER miss. As in, 0 misses after days of play.

Dual wielding causes your off-hand to have a miss rate of 24%. Theoretically you could eliminate this off-hand miss rate by stacking +24 to hit as there is no longer a hard cap on improving your miss rate.

Having at least +6 to hit helps in raids immensely as you need +5.6% to hit a level 63 mob 100% of the time.

+hit improves your damage in raids by helping against glancing blows and makes it worth while to stack more than +6.

(0.04% hit rate per defense * 15 defense for 3 levels = 0.6)

The Numbers:

  • 24% rate is added when you dual wield. These misses can be improved with each +hit you add,
  • 5% miss rate against a mob whose defense is equal to your weapon skill
  • There is no minimum cap for single-attacking and special attacks (sinister strike, backstab, etc). These attacks can get to a 0% miss rate. Additionally, it is theoretically possible to get +24 to hit and do the same for you off-hand attacks.
  • Each point of weapon skill is +0.04% to-hit and crit
  • I assume that each point of weapon skill is -0.04% to an opponent's dodge/block/parry but I haven't seen solid tests.
  • Each point of defense is -0.04% to-hit and crit
  • Each point of defense is +0.04% to dodge, block, parry
  • Defense does not affect crushing blows from mobs of +3 levels
  • You will hit glancing blows against mobs of +3 levels but they can be kept at a minimum the more your stack +hit