2.7 Undead

Starting Attributes
Strength 20
Agility 21
Stamina 22
Intelligence 18
Spirit 25

Will of the Forsaken - active
Activate to become immune to Fear, Sleep, and Charm effects. Can also be used while already afflicted by Fear or Sleep - lasts 5 sec - 2 min cooldown

  • This is in many ways the definitive PvP Racial of the Rogue class. While it did lose some of its steam when PvP Trinkets came into the world it still remains one of the strongest Racials. It breaks Fear, it breaks Charm, it breaks Mind Control, it breaks Wyvern Sting, its an awesome ability. With this you really dont have to have the PvP Trinket, although its still nice for Polymorph. A couple important notes, this doesnt work against Death Coils Horrify effect, and it can break as well as make you immune to other effects for 5 seconds.

    Cannibalize - active
    Activate to regenerate 7% of total health every 2 sec. by consuming Humanoid or Undead corpses within 5 yds - lasts 10 sec - 2 min cooldown
  • A very nice ability for reducing downtime since it essential works like a bandage on a different timer. Definitely a nice skill for any class that cant heal.

    Underwater Breathing - passive
    Underwater breath lasts 300% longer than normal
  • This actually coincides with the Rogue class rather well. First off, it gives you more time to do stuff underwater kill, hide, gather, etc The real beauty of this ability though is that Stealth slows your movement speed underwater as well as on land. This means Undead Rogues have that much more time at their disposal for moving through dangerous water or getting an opening underwater.

    Shadow Resistance - passive
    All Undead get +10 Shadow Resistance
  • The only Horde Rogue race with a free magic resist, and its a nice one at that. It goes well with Will of the Forsaken since only two classes do Shadow damage and is nice for BWL as well.

    Summary: While their defenses arent as versatile as say the Orcs, they are hand down the best race for fighting Priests and Warlocks in the game. Which is actually a really good roll for a Rogue, as both of those classes cause devestaion on the battleground when played right, and Undead Rogues are really the strongest choice to take them down. Ever since their buff and the advent of Death Coil, Warlock have been very hard to fight and being able to break Fear is arguably the most useful group PvP skill. All of their racials apply to the Rogue well for PvE and PvP, a very solid choice.