How Do I Setup A WoW Macro?

I have heard a lot of people mentioning using macros in-game. After getting the usual “stfu n00b” response after asking people, I really need World of Warcraft macro help. From what I have heard it can really help me do things a lot easier in the game. How do I setup a WoW macro and how do I use macros I have created?

Yes, macros can really help do a lot of tedious things in game a whole lot easier. The great news about it really is they are extremely simple to setup. Yeah, you can really have them get complicated but useful simple macros can be really easy to setup and use.

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While you are in-game you want to go to the main menu and click on “Macros” which will bring up the macro creation screen or you can type “/macro” in the chat screen which will bring up the macro creation screen. At the top it will list the macros that you have previously created and at the bottom you can list the macro commands up to 255 characters.

Next click on “New” which will create a new macro for you. From there you want to give it a name and also a button picture you want associated with the macro and then click “Okay”.

Now you can enter the commands you want the macro to perform. For this example, you can type “/target” followed by your character name. Mine would be “/target Apadwe”. This simple macro will target your character.

Next drag your macro icon to your action bar and click on it and you will see that it will target your character.

Congratulations, you have setup your very first macro. It isn’t very useful but gives a great basic understanding of how to setup a WoW macro.

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