Wrath Classic Shatter the Shards (Alliance)

Shatter the Shards (Alliance)

Requires Level 77
TypeGroup (5)
World questNo
Experience27550 XP
(this quest may give money at max level)
Reputation+350 Knights of the Ebon Blade
Rewards7 40 or 16 53 at 80
PreviousBefore the Gate of Horror

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Bring the Broken Shard of Horror, the Broken Shard of Despair, and the Broken Shard of Suffering to Thassarian, aboard the Skybreaker.

  •  [Broken Shard of Horror]
  •  [Broken Shard of Despair]
  •  [Broken Shard of Suffering]

Suggested Players [5]


Atop the battlements of Corp'rethar, the Lich King's minions have erected three crystals, the shards of horror, despair, and suffering. Should our men reach the walls of Corp'rethar, he will unleash these weapons on our army.

In full effect, the crystals will afflict the minds of our men with paralyzing pain and fear. Then, the Scourge will be able to slaughter them at will.

Find these shards, destroy them, and bring me their broken remains. We cannot allow the Lich King to deploy these weapons!


You will receive:

  • 7 40


  • 16 53 at level 80


Have you shattered the Lich King's new weapons?


<Thassarian takes the crystal shards from you and speaks in a quiet voice.>

I remember these...

Lesser men would easily crumble beneath their assault. You have done well in removing their threat.


  • 27550 XP
  • 350 reputation with Knights of the Ebon Blade


The Shard of Horror is on top of the ramparts at

[47.7, 68.6]

. The Shard of Despair is on the floor below the top ramparts at

[50, 67.6]

. The Shard of Suffering is on the same floor as the Shard of Despair at

[46, 70]


Quest progression

  •  [80] Sneak Preview
    •  [80] Drag and Drop (Daily version)
      •  [80] Not a Bug (Daily version)
      •  [80G3] Need More Info
        •  [80G5] No Rest For The Wicked (Daily version)
          •  [80G5] The Ironwall Rampart
            •  [80G5] Before the Gate of Horror
              •  [80G5] Shatter the Shards
              •  [80G5] The Guardians of Corp'rethar
    •  [80] Chain of Command
    •  [80] Cannot Reproduce
      •  [80] Retest Now (Daily version)

Patch changes

  •  Hotfix (2009-04-23): "The quests "Shatter the Shards" and " [80] The Guardians of Corp'rethar" should be completable again whether or not you are involved in Argent Tournament quests. [1]"


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