Wrath Classic Still At It

Still At It

StartGrimbooze Thunderbrew
World questNo
CategorySholazar Basin
Experience15850 XP
(this quest may give money at max level)
Rewards4 80
PreviousSome Make Lemonade, Some Make Liquor
NextThe Taste Test

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Successfully complete the distillation process and bring the completed Thunderbrew's Jungle Punch to Grimbooze Thunderbrew at the Nesingwary Base Camp.

  •  [Thunderbrew's Jungle Punch]


Now that we've got the raw materials, I've had my assistant ready the still. He'll oversee the process, but I want you to help keep everything under control. You might be tempted to think that we just throw everything into the still and let it sit, but you're wrong.

Ingredients and heat need to be added at certain times, and the pressure regulated at others. You'll have no more than 10 seconds to react to a situation. Speak with "Tipsy" McManus when you're ready to start distilling.


You will receive: 4 80


Well, how did it turn out?


<Grimbooze gives the cask a shake.>

There's something in here, but the million gold question is, can you drink it? Don't you go anywhere; you'll be responsible for overseeing the sampling of the product, too.


"Tipsy" McManus will give you certain tasks when distilling, which involves throwing in bananas, oranges and papayas, as well as opening the pressure valve and lighting the brazier. When you're done, McManus will congratulate you and give you the barrel.

Quest progression

  1.  [76] Some Make Lemonade, Some Make Liquor
  2.  [76] Still At It
  3.  [76] The Taste Test