Devastated by the Burning Legion’s past invasion, these vengeful outsiders offer their aid to Azeroth’s factions off-world in Outland. Survivors of the Burning Legion’s devastating invasion during the Third War, the powerful Blood Elves seek revenge on the demonic invaders who slaughtered their people and corrupted their beloved font of power, the Sunwell.

Burning Crusade Classic Sunwell

Following the defeat of Illidan in Outland, Kael’thas – bristling with power from his Manaforges in Netherstorm – finally returned to Quel’Thalas. Seeking to summon the demon lord Kil’jaeden, Kael’thas captured the personification of the Sunwell’s power: Anveena. Kael attempted to summon Kil’jaeden into Azeroth using the reignited Sunwell as a portal. This was prevented by the actions of the Shattered Sun Offensive, a group of heroes charging into Sunwell Plateau and finally, the sacrifice of Anveena, who used her power to prevent Kil’jaeden’s emergence.

The battle with Kil’jaeden once again left the Sunwell without power. However, Velen appeared shortly thereafter and used the “spark” of the naaru M’uru’s to reignite the Sunwell. This restored the Sunwell using the energies of M’uru, the Sunwell’s new energies being derived from both the arcane and from M’uru’s powers of the Light.

Sunwell WoW Burning Crusade Classic

The Sunwell during the attempt to summon Kil’jaeden; Anveena held in suspense above it.

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Sunwell Tips

  • Thas’dorah was empowered by the Sunwell.
  • The Sunwell’s power has no physical limits or boundaries. An elf bound to its energies would be so no matter how far away they went from it. Its energies are available to be drawn upon from anywhere in the cosmos and even alternate realities as evidenced by the Sunsworn forces on the alternate Draenor.
  • The Sunwell does not provide immortality, but something akin to it.
  • Before the original Sunwell was destroyed, it was visible from the Sunspire on Sunstrider Isle.
  • It was suggested in the Sunwell Trilogy that the Sunwell’s creation was what transformed the Highborne into their high elf forms, almost instantaneously. Newer material suggests that the change was gradual, and apparent as early as their landing in Tirisfal Glades.
  • The Sunwell’s interior underwent some minor changes in Battle for Azeroth, most notably the addition of large blood elf banners covering up Kil’jaeden’s likeness on the walls.
  • “Remember the Sunwell” is a common farewell quote spoken by blood elf NPCs. By contrast, playable void elves have a humorous call back to it: “Remember the Sunwell? I’m so over it!”
  • According to Dragon Hunt, the Sunwell exploded after Dar’Khan bound it and something went wrong leaving a crater in its place. Blood of the Highborne slightly retconned the part as it was Kael’thas and his group who left nothing but an empty hole in the place of the Sunwell.

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