How Do I Switch From Scryer To Aldor?

When I was first able to I chose Scryer but as my friends played along they all become Scryer too! I feel like we are somehow missing out on cool stuff that you can get as Aldor and I was wondering if it was at all possible to switch sides after you have already chosen which faction you wanted. So, my question is how do I go from Scryer to Aldor?

Yes it is possible to switch from Scryer to Aldor as well it is possible to switch from Aldor to Scryer. Hopefully you haven’t really worked too hard on getting your Scryer reputation up because you will have to “undo” all that reputation grinding that you did.

It would take a while to go from Hated with Aldor to Neutral with them. My advice is to have your friend that has the least amount of reputation with the Scryer to be the one that switches to Aldor.

Anyway, there is a repeatable quest that you will have to do. The quest giver is in Lower City and his name is Sha’nir (64,15 coords). He is located northeast of the Terrance of Light (which is the center of Shat’trath City). He will give you the quest called Strained Supplies in which you will have to collect 8 Dreadfang Venom Sacs. You can repeat this quest until you are neutral with Aldor.

This can be pretty time consuming to do especially if you are Hated with the Aldor. You only get +275 Aldor rep and -302 Scryer rep for each turn in which is 8 venom sacs. The good part is the basilisks are pretty much all over Terokkar Forest and the venom sacs have a 33% drop rate. Of course you need to kill the Dreadfang Lurkers as well as the Dreadfang Widow. The lurkers reside just east of Shat’trath City and the Widows reside south of the city around the Bleeding Hollow Ruins as well as east of there along the mountains on the other side of the wastelands.

Anyway, there you go, get busy and have some fun grinding!

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