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How to making swtor credits fastly

SWTOR credits is something that you cannot get enough of in Star Wars the Old Republic. There are so many things to spend on like new gear, speeders and crew skills. There is always going to be something to spend credits on. Acquiring credits in large amounts can sometimes be tricky, but there certainly are hundreds of ways to earn more credits. These can include anything from Crew skills, to farming mobs, to doing daily quests. The best ways a lot of the time is the methods you think of yourself, but in this guide i will show you a few tips and tricks on how to make tons of credits. If you want a more detailed guide to make tons of Swtor Credits, check out Swtor Savior.

  • – Resell on the Galactic Trade Network. Check out our Reselling on the Galactic Trade Network Guide to learn more.
  • – Always have your companions out doing crew skills when you don’t need them. Check out our Crew Skills Guide for more info.
  • – Create more alts. Choose different crew skills on them all. This will allow you to get a bigger % of the market to earn from.
  • – Do Space Missions from your ship daily. Check out our Space Mission Leveling Guide for more info.
  • – Do Daily quests. This is one of the fastest ways of earning credits.
  • – Loot everything. Sell all trash to vendors. Save greens or better for the GTN, if they don’t sell after a few listings just vendor them.
  • – Do PvP warzones. These can provide you with some good coin.
  • – While leveling 1 -40 don’t buy much gear. Get the gear you need from quests, drops and PvP. This saves you a lot of money.
  • – [Slicing] Slicing is a great way to make money. Go to a level appropriate zone and start working.
  • – At level 50. Go to a lower level planet like Quesh and kill everything on the planet and loot.
Quality of Life

As a reminder, Quality of Life (QoL) is a term we use to reference improvements we make to enhance your gameplay experience. QoL improvements include changes to existing game systems, improvements to the User Interface, simplifying ways to do things in-game, increasing the speed of mounts, adding Legacy Perks, and more.

A cool change we are delivering with A Traitor Among the Chiss is the ability to add Credits to your Legacy Bank. You will retain the ability to have credits on your character, so this will work very similarly to how you use your Guild Bank, but it’s for all your Legacy characters. After reviewing your feedback, we decided to limit currency changes to Credits and Unassembled Components as those provide the most positive and impactful change.

A Traitor Among the Chiss
  • NAHUT - The 3rd Boss Encounter for Gods from the Machine Operation
  • New Flashpoint on Copero – Find out what Theron’s been up to with the Chiss
  • New PvP map
  • New GSF Map set in the Orbit above Iokath
  • Group Finder Revamp – Significant upgrades to how you queue for multiplayer and solo activities – huge bonuses for all Random play choices, but also allows for easy selection of individual activities such as Daily Areas, Flashpoints, and Operations.
  • Class Balance changes and a variety of utility adjustments
  • Launch of Legacy-wide currencies for Credits and Unassembled Components
  • Galactic Command upgraded disintegrate system – this QoL improvement changes how disintegrate works and instead of CXP gives you legacy-bound Unassembled Components
  • Ensign Raina Temple returns!
  • Distribution of Special United Forces Rewards
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