Tarasek – WoW Dragonflight

Tarasek are humanoid dragonkin, that are like primordial drakonid. Neltharion considered them little more than fodder, targets for the training of the dracthyr. But they are cunning hunters, and deadly when encountered in packs. They’re gaining elemental power from Primalists, and are becoming even more dangerous.

Faction/Affiliation Independent, Primalists
Homeworld Azeroth
Area(s) Dragon Isles


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Notes and trivia

  • They have the same animations as male worgen, dragonman and saurok.
  • Their species name may be a reference to the Tarasque, a dragon-like legendary creature from the region of Provence in southern France. In Dungeons & Dragons, the tarrasque is a notoriously powerful and destructive monster.

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