Wrath Classic That's Abominable! (Alliance)

That's Abominable! (Alliance)

Requires Level 78
World questNo
Experience22050 (or 13 23 at 80) XP
(this quest may give money at max level)
Rewards[Slippers of the Broken Front], [Mantle of Reanimation], [Geist Stalker Leggings], or [Scourgebane Pauldrons]
7 40
PreviousPoke and Prod
NextThat's Abominable!
Sneak Preview

For the daily quest version, see  [80 Daily] That's Abominable! (Alliance daily)
For the Horde version, see  [80] That's Abominable! (Horde)

This quest makes available the chain starting with  [80] Sneak Preview.

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Thassarian on the Skybreaker wants you to use the Abomination Reanimation Kit to create a Reanimated Abomination, which you are to use to kill 15 Icy Ghouls, 15 Vicious Geists, and 15 Risen Alliance Soldiers.

  •  Icy Ghouls Exploded (15)
  •  Vicious Geists Exploded (15)
  •  Risen Alliance Soldiers Exploded (15)



They can be a very capable enemy. I've seen them turn the tide of battle more than once. What few realize, is that they can also be very capable friends.

They are not deep thinkers. If you know the secrets of their creation, you can issue them basic orders that they will not question.

Fortunately for you, I know these secrets.

This kit will reanimate the remains of the abominations you defeat. Take it, and learn to use them against the scourge on the death gate.

  •  [Abomination Reanimation Kit]


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
[Slippers of the Broken Front] [Mantle of Reanimation]
[Geist Stalker Leggings] [Scourgebane Pauldrons]


Well, <race>?

Did your abomination friends prove effective?


You see, <class>?

Ingenuity can sometimes even the odds against a seemingly overwhelming enemy.


Kill abominations for their  [Chilled Abomination Guts] and then create the Reanimated Abomination and send it in.

See Reanimated Abomination for details on its use.

Quest progression

  1.  [80] ...All the Help We Can Get.
  2.  [80] Poke and Prod
    •  [80] That's Abominable! (Daily version)
  3.  [80G3] Against the Giants
    •  [80G5] Coprous the Defiled
  4.  [80G5] Basic Chemistry (Daily version)