The Best Way To Grind Scryer Reputation

Ok, I have seen you answer the aldor side of this question but what can us non-Aldor Scryer players do in order to max out scryer rep in WoW? I also see marks drop for aldor but hardly ever see anything for scryer drop. I’m only just went Scryer so i’m at Neutral right now….help!

Ah, yes. I, too, decided to go Scryer as well. One thing I noticed also was the abundance of the different Marks used to gain Aldor reputation. I’m not quite Exalted with the Scryer just yet but never fear as it isn’t as hard as it seems.

Since you just went Scryer I assume you did the first Scryer quest called Allegiance to the Scryers which increases your Scryer rep by 3,500 points. After you finish that quest you will be able to turn in  Firewing Signets in the Scryer Rise in Shattrath City for more rep. 250 rep for a turn-in of 10 Firewing Signets and 25 reputation for 1 Firewing Signet.

The best place to grind the Firewing Signets is at Firewing Point in Terokkar Forest (around 69,37). The Firewing Point is south east of Shattrath City (more east than south). You can pretty much follow the road through Tuurem and follow it until you can take a path north which will lead you right to Firewing Point. Just remember that you can only turn in Firewing Signets until you are friendly with Scryer.

After you are friendly then you will want to move on to a different location in Netherstorm called Manaforge B’naar (around 26,66). This camp is really easy to get to just follow the road west out of Area 52 and you’ll walk right into it.

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This is where you can grind  Sunfury Signets which you can turn in for rep all the way to exalted I believe. (If that isn’t correct someone please correct me.) These signets have about a 30% drop rate just like the Firewing Signets. Also you can turn in  Arcane Tomes for rep and  Arcane Runes (which you use as a currency in order to buy things from the Scryer quartermaster).

The drop rate on these really suck but you should be able to gather a few of them while grinding out the Firewing Signets and the Sunfury Signets. They also give 350 reputation which is a little better than the 250 from the signets.

If you do a lot of instances and still want to get your way to exalted with the Scryer you might want to do these instances:

The Arcatraz
The Botanica
The Mechanar

Not only can you get the signets from here but also the drop rate for the Arcane Tomes are a little better (around 5%).

Hopefully this will help you hit exalted pretty quickly as it is the route that I have been using and will continue to use to get myself exalted with Scryer.

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