Wrath Classic The Boon of Alexstrasza

The Boon of Alexstrasza

StartAlexstrasza the Life-Binder
EndCrusader Bridenbrad
Requires Level 77
World questNo
Experience22050 (13 23 at 80) XP
(this quest may give money at max level)
Reputation+325 Argent Crusade
PreviousDahlia's Tears
NextHope Yet Remains

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Bring the Breath of Alexstrasza to Crusader Bridenbrad in Icecrown.

  •  [The Breath of Alexstrasza] (Provided)


You must understand, young <race>, that cleansing the body in favor of life anew is something well within my grasp... removing the plague of undeath without affecting the body, however, is beyond the scope of the powers that I control.

If this Bridenbrad is the beacon of light that you profess him to be, perhaps he will endure such a cleansing and thrive, but I cannot state with confidence that this is the salvation that you seek. Take it and go with all of my blessings.


You have returned yet again, <class>. Why do you risk yourself so?


The breath of Alexstrasza... you have gone to the dragon-queen herself? I'm extremely grateful.

I understand the risks of such cleansing and I am prepared. Proceed, <class>.

Quest progression

  1.  [80] A Tale of Valor
  2.  [80] A Hero Remains
  3.  [80] The Keeper's Favor
  4.  [80] Hope Within the Emerald Nightmare
  5.  [80] The Boon of Remulos
  6.  [80] Time Yet Remains
  7.  [80] The Touch of an Aspect
  8.  [80] Dahlia's Tears
  9.  [80] The Boon of Alexstrasza
  10.  [80] Hope Yet Remains
  11.  [80] The Will of the Naaru
  12.  [80] The Boon of A'dal
  13.  [80] Light Within the Darkness