Wrath Classic The Boon of Remulos

The Boon of Remulos

StartKeeper Remulos
EndCrusader Bridenbrad
Requires Level 77
World questNo
Experience22050 (13 23 at 80) XP
(this quest may give money at max level)
Reputation+325 Argent Crusade
PreviousHope Within the Emerald Nightmare
NextTime Yet Remains

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Return to Crusader Bridenbrad in Icecrown with the Emerald Acorn.

Provided Item:

  •  [Emerald Acorn]


I shall open a portal to take you back to the druid that brought you here. You and your crusader have my well wishes. I hope that this acorn is able to purify your crusader and save him from the wretched fate of the plague.

Farewell, <race>.


Well met, <class>. I knew that you would return, despite my warnings, but I'm pleased that you heeded my desire to not risk anyone else.

Why have you come back to me?


Tirion sent you to Remulos? I'm... I'm flattered. One does not call favors in with beings of such power idley, no matter how noble or altruistic they might be. You are too kind to have gone to such lengths on my behalf. You have my thanks.

Plant the seed - I am ready.


Before you leave, if you have something to do near Moonglade, now would be a good time to do it. You can then taxi back to Moonglade and use your free teleport. Once you accept, you can ask to have your Moonglade Return Portal spawned in, which will do so to Remulos's right:

I wish to return to Arch Druid Lilliandra. Can you send me back to her?

The portal will send the player back to

[86, 76]

, at the Argent Vanguard. If you happen to be mounted when you go through, you will show up dismounted in Icecrown.

This quest can be used by Druids to make their [Teleport: Moonglade] into a "Teleport: Alliance Vanguard", if they chose not to complete it.

Quest progression

  1.  [80] A Tale of Valor
  2.  [80] A Hero Remains
  3.  [80] The Keeper's Favor
  4.  [80] Hope Within the Emerald Nightmare
  5.  [80] The Boon of Remulos
  6.  [80] Time Yet Remains
  7.  [80] The Touch of an Aspect
  8.  [80] Dahlia's Tears
  9.  [80] The Boon of Alexstrasza
  10.  [80] Hope Yet Remains
  11.  [80] The Will of the Naaru
  12.  [80] The Boon of A'dal
  13.  [80] Light Within the Darkness