Wrath Classic The Fallen Pillar

The Fallen Pillar

StartAvatar of Freya
EndCultist Corpse
Requires Level 77
World questNo
CategorySholazar Basin
PreviousReturned Sevenfold
NextCultist Incursion

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Travel to the Lifeblood Pillar and look for clues to its destruction.


The titans shaped entire life forms here, fostering their unfettered growth.

The five crystal pillars that surround the basin emanate pure lifeforce. The Scourge should've never been able to penetrate the basin, but one of the pillars was destroyed.

Go to the Lifeblood Pillar and see if you can find out what happened. No undead would've been able to approach the pillar, so keep your eyes out for living intruders. You'll find what remains of the pillar directly south of here.


<The corpse is badly burnt. There appear to be the remains of several power kegs in the vicinity.>

Quest progression

  1.  [78] Force of Nature (optional)
  2.  [77] An Issue of Trust
  3.  [77] Returned Sevenfold
  4.  [77] The Fallen Pillar
     [77] Salvaging Life's Strength
  5.  [78] Cultist Incursion
  6. Complete both quests to continue:
     [77] Exterminate the Intruders
     [77] Weapons of Destruction
  7.  [77] The Lifewarden's Wrath
  8.  [77] Freya's Pact
  9.  [77] Powering the Waygate - The Maker's Perch
  10.  [77] Powering the Waygate - The Maker's Overlook
     [78] A Timeworn Coffer
  11.  [78] The Etymidian
  12.  [78] The Activation Rune (classified as Un'Goro Crater)
  13.  [78] Back Through the Waygate
  14.  [78] Reclamation