The Field of Ferocity: Elemental Revenge Round! – WoW Dragonflight Quest

Quest Name Level Requires Level Side Rewards Experience Gold Location
The Field of Ferocity: Elemental Revenge Round!

62 None 11,700 52 42 Ohn’ahran Plains

Defeat the Primalist champion.


Primalist champion slain  (1)



Suggested players: 5 (1)

Relevant Locations

The entirety of this quest happens in Ohn’ahran Plains.


We’re changing the roster at last minute. Some Primalist bigwig wants to join in on the competition to face you. And I’m not saying no to an angry elemental dragon. I’m sure you’ll be fine. If not, then… well, you signed the waiver, right?



You will receive: 52 42


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 11,700 experience
  • 300 reputation with Maruuk Centaur
See if you’ve already completed this by typing:

/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(66463))

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