Wrath Classic The Flesh Giant Champion

The Flesh Giant Champion

StartDarkrider Arly
Requires Level 78
World questNo
Experience27550 (or 16 53 at 80) XP
(this quest may give money at max level)
Reputation+350 Knights of the Ebon Blade
Rewards[Mantle of the Flesh Giant], [Shoulderpads of Fleshwerks], [Giant Champion's Spaulders], or [Pauldrons of Morbidus]
14 80
PreviousPutting Olakin Back Together Again
This quest concludes the Fleshwerks quest chain.

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Speak with Margrave Dhakar at the western end of the Fleshwerks to engage Morbidus. After you have defeated Morbidus, report to Darkrider Arly at Blackwatch.

  •  Morbidus slain


You've done well in destroying the Fleshwerks and slaughtering the Lich King's servants. Now, all that remains is to defeat the Fleshwerks' greatest accomplishment -- the flesh giant known as Morbidus.

It will not be an easy fight, but the Shadow Vault has dispatched Margrave Dhakar with some reinforcements. Meet up with him at the highest point at the western end of the Fleshwerks. Tell him when you're ready to begin the attack and he'll order his forces into battle.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

[Mantle of the Flesh Giant] [Shoulderpads of Fleshwerks]
[Giant Champion's Spaulders] [Pauldrons of Morbidus]


Have you finished off the Lich King's prized flesh giant?


With the Lich King's flesh giant companion defeated, he must know that the rest of his forces are vulnerable as well. With you by our side, we will teach the Lich King the meaning of fear once more.


Dhakar and Morbidus are at the western, highest portion of the Fleshwerks at

[30, 61]

When speaking with Dhakar:

The Fleshwerks will never again produce soldiers for the Lich King's armies.

Let's kill this... thing... and get this over with.

Margrave Dhakar says: Knights of the Ebon Blade, prepare for battle!
The Lich King teleports in.
The Lich King says: You dare to think you have thwarted my will? That you have broken my plans?
The Lich King says: You have accomplished nothing!
The Lich King says: Your feeble resistance has only hastened your doom.
The Lich King says: So spout your platitudes and flail until you are spent. In the end, you will be mine, and Morbidus will be the harbinger of your death!
The Lich King says: Morbidus, show them what happens to those who defy the will of their king!
Crusader Olakin Sainrith says: You will pay for what you've done! For the Argent Crusade!
Morbidus yells: Yes, my king!
The Lich King teleports out again.

Basically, you assist the NPCs in killing Morbidus. He resets easily (causing a 1.5 minute wait for the NPCs to respawn), so kiting him is not a good strategy. He will knock you back significantly, so if you have aggro, be sure to put your back to a wall.

At least as of Patch 3.0.3, he would "evade bug" if you were on the central platform ... he can't climb stairs.

Quest progression

  1.  [80] Blackwatch
  2.  [80] Where Are They Coming From?
  3.  [80] Destroying the Altars &  [80] Death's Gaze
  4.  [80] Spill Their Blood
  5.  [80] Jagged Shards
  6.  [80] I'm Smelting... Smelting! &  [80] The Runesmiths of Malykriss
  7.  [80] A Visit to the Doctor &  [80] By Fire Be Purged
  8.  [80] Killing Two Scourge With One Skeleton
  9.  [80] He's Gone to Pieces
  10.  [80] Putting Olakin Back Together Again
  11.  [80] The Flesh Giant Champion