Wrath Classic The Keeper's Favor

The Keeper's Favor

StartHighlord Tirion Fordring
EndKeeper Remulos
Requires Level 77
World questNo
Experience16550 (9 93 at 80) XP
(this quest may give money at max level)
Reputation+195 Argent Crusade
PreviousA Hero Remains
NextHope Within the Emerald Nightmare

Portal to Moonglade from Icecrown

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Highlord Tirion Fordring at Crusaders' Pinnacle has requested that you secure passage from Arch Druid Lilliandra and speak to Keeper Remulos in Moonglade.


There are those of this world that tap into power unrestricted by the bounds of our mortal frames - powers of restoration, powers of life, and powers of light. And Bridenbrad, this is no ordinary man... his valor and devotion shine through. We can only hope that one of these beings will intervene and bring this hero back from a fate worse than death.

Go now and speak to Arch Druid Lilliandris in the Argent Vanguard... request passage to Moonglade and seek the aid of Keeper Remulos.


It is always a pleasure to meet heroes such as yourself in this forsaken land. Is there some form of assistance that I can offer you?

It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Arch Druid. I'm on a task from Tirion and time is short, might I trouble you for a portal to Moonglade?

Of course! Go with Elune's blessing.


Hello child.

I understand Tirion's request and trust in his judgment, we will see what we can do for this Crusader Bidenbrad. What you ask is no simple task - the Scourge are not of this world, and many have failed in attempting to strip their corruption over the years.

In a being of nobility and light, all is not without hope.


Arch Druid Lilliandra can be found in the Vanguard Infirmary at

[87.1, 77.0]

. Simply walk into the green Moonglade Portal. You will end up at

[37, 43]

, at the Shrine of Remulos.

Additional: Sometimes the NPC bugs out and doesn't provide the portal to Moonglade for you, just stand on top of her and problem solved.

Quest progression

  1.  [80] A Tale of Valor
  2.  [80] A Hero Remains
  3.  [80] The Keeper's Favor
  4.  [80] Hope Within the Emerald Nightmare
  5.  [80] The Boon of Remulos
  6.  [80] Time Yet Remains
  7.  [80] The Touch of an Aspect
  8.  [80] Dahlia's Tears
  9.  [80] The Boon of Alexstrasza
  10.  [80] Hope Yet Remains
  11.  [80] The Will of the Naaru
  12.  [80] The Boon of A'dal
  13.  [80] Light Within the Darkness