PoE The Saint's Treasure Divination Card

PoE Exalted Orb Divination Card

The Saint’s Treasure is a divination card. A set of ten can be exchanged for two Exalted Orbs.

  • 10x The Saint’s Treasure = 2x Exalted Orb

Exalted Orbs are extremely rare poe currency items that can be dropped by slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers. They also drop from Arcanist’s Strongboxes.

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The Saint's Treasure

How to get The Saint’s Treasure

The Slums • The Marketplace • The Imperial Fields • The Grain Gate • Alleyways Map • Arcade Map • Arsenal Map • Bazaar Map • Ghetto Map • Port Map • Precinct Map

This item can be acquired in the following areas:

  • Alleyways Map
  • Arcade Map
  • Arsenal Map
  • Bazaar Map
  • Ghetto Map
  • Port Map
  • Precinct Map
  • The Descent. It is an area in Act 9. It is connected to Highgate (Act 9) and The Vastiri Desert. Vaal side area has a chance to spawn.
  • The Grain Gate. It is an area in Act 8. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Quay and The Imperial Fields.
  • The Imperial Fields. It is an area in Act 8. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Grain Gate and The Solaris Temple.
  • The Marketplace. It is an area in Act 3. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Sewers (in the past The Market Sewers and The Warehouse District), The Catacombs and The Battlefront.
  • The Slums. It is an area in Act 3. This area does not have a waypoint and is connected to The Sarn Encampment, The Crematorium and The Slums Sewers.

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Saint’s Treasure drop location?

Does anyone know here Saint’s Treasure drops? According to wiki and poedb it should drop in bazaar (spelled as bazzzr on poedb). I’ve done quite a few bazaars yesterday, with 60 or so iiq, and not a single one dropped. Can someone confirm it still drops in there?

What are some other decent maps that are worth farming with div cards in them? Probably gonna discard Doctor as it isn’t really reliable. Any suggestions?

It’s going to be super rare obviously since it’s a good card, it’s not going to exactly drop like candy. I’ve run like 30 bazaar maps and seen 3 Saint’s Treasures so far.

I’ve run 40 bazaars or so and not a single one, that’s why I’m asking. I guess I’m just unlucky then.

The Saint’s Treasure can drop in Arsenal

For those who don’t know, The Saint’s Treasure can drop in Arsenal. The wiki knows nothing about this. It says that abandoned wealth can drop there but nothing about saints treasure. Happy farming and good luck!

I’m just happy when the wiki isn’t a mess of garbled errors these days, never mind actually being accurate.

Yeah, so as other people have mentioned I’ve found it in Bazaar, Ghetto, Grotto, Arsenal, Grain Gate, and Arcade. The catch is that it only drops frequently the first bit I’ve played those maps. I know it may seem like confirmation bias, so I tested 30 runs of each of those maps. I found between 3–5 in the first 10 runs of each and none in the next 20. Upon switching maps the same phenomenon occurred. This was persistent for each type of map. Keep in mind I have no mf gear.

Saint’s Treasure vs. The Hoarder — Best option?

This info is wrong. Arsenal drops Saints + Abandoned. No map drops all 3 exalt cards, the highest is 2. The 3rd drop is 3 chaos cards on that map. The cards that drop in Precinct are Dying Anguish, The Saint’s Treasure, The Tyrant, The Undaunted and The Valkyrie from the bosses.

Hoarder only drops in the vault and is only slightly more common than saint’s.

With no MF gear, you’re likely to take around 20ish maps per card, with full of its around 1 in 10–12. (4 sextants, 100+ total quant on maps)

Arcade is a much better layout than arsenal and precinct. Arcade has more mobs than vault does. Only run precinct if you also want chances at headhunter, though you will not find a full undaunted set in the time it takes you to farm 20 cards.

“the Saint’s Treasure” div card price fixing in ISC

I noticed this last night when I was trying to buy some to complete the set. There was 3 different people doing it. Message all of them with no response. Then posted mine for the same price as them and all 3 of them messaged me with 5 seconds of each other. lol

They’re usually a bit cheaper than the actual item it gives and there is an abundance of them right now with MF people farming arcades. You can generally save about 20c off the price of 2 exalts by buying the cards. So while one is technically worth 18c right now, no one actually buys them at that price. 16c is what there actually selling for, but since there is a bunch of AFK and random people who don’t respond to trades to begin within the 15–16 range than a bunch of price fixers in the 10–12c range. It’s pretty easy to get tricked into posting yours for 10–14c.

Has anyone been farming Arcade for saint’s treasure? How rare is it?

I did about 5 maps and got 0.

I haven’t done an MF low LVL mapper yet, but if/when I do, I could very well god to burials regardless of how good it is compared to some others. The main thing for me is that I hate messily walled off zones like, I believe arcade is one.

Burial you can run through, make a circle and you are done. The amount of mobs I miss on the average arcade run is annoying to me