Wrath Classic Tools of War

Tools of War

EndShaman Jakjek
World questNo
CategorySholazar Basin
ReputationFrenzyheart Tribe +350
Rewards13 60

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Retrieve some of Zepik's traps from his stash in Kartak's Hold. Using the traps, slaughter 50 of the nearby Sparktouched Gorlocs, and then return to Shaman Jakjek in Kartak's Hold.

  • Sparktouched Gorloc (50)


Zepik tell me that you maybe the best gorloc hunter he met... other than Zepik. Still big battle to southwest - you go help.

Zepik keeps some of biggest, baddest traps in his stash at Kartak's Hold... told Vekgar to use them for battle, so you use them too. Go pick out any traps you want and kill lots of big-tongues.

Lots and lots!


You will receive: 13 60


Kind of messy! But still so fun.


You almost as good with those traps as Zepik!


The Zepik's Trap Stash can be found at the top tier of Kartak's Hold at

[24.0, 83.1]

, across the altar. Inside the chest you'll get the choice of three traps to use:

  • [Ensnaring Trap]
  • [Volatile Trap]
  • [Spike Bomb]

Though you don't need the traps to complete the quest, using them certainly makes the killing more fun.

Completing this quest is a requirement of the  Honorary Frenzyheart achievement.